Monday, 18 April 2011

Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens

On Sunday John and I had lunch at out local botanic gardens. The gardens are always interesting, plus the food and the company were excellent

It's a special place for us. We went there on our first date and, of course, when someone takes you to a garden for a first date you know he's a keeper.

The restaurant overlooks a lake filled with water lilies and birds

Looking back at the restaurant through the bamboo grove.

The climate in Brisbane is sub-tropical so we can grow quite a range of plants from tropical to temperate regions as long as you can create the correct micro-climate around them. I love seeing what will grow in our area. The gardens are divided into various zones - tropical, arid, cottage, temperate.

 In the temperate zone, the camelias were in full bloom.

The water in the pond was a bit muddy but the turtles didn't seem to mind.

The ferns have obviously enjoyed the Summer we have had this year. They were thriving.

There is a large glass dome housing tropical plants. I'd never seen cocoa beans growing before.

 Being close to home the growing conditions are similar to our garden so there are always lessons to learn.

I would love to know how they keep their cannas flowering. Ours have all finished for the season.

The Brazilian Red Cloak was covered in blooms - hope ours does as well when it matures.

Not sure if I liked the look of this however. I wonder if ours will get this big. 

Every Monday mosaic mad men and maidens meet at Mary's Dear little Red House. Check out the great mosaics.


  1. Did you check out the veg garden? I got to work in there over Feb and March - lots of fun.

  2. I enjoyed the tour and liked the turtle. I don't see them too often.

  3. I have never seen a Yucca grow that tall! I have also never seen a cocoa bean...this was such an interesting post!

  4. That's one place I've never got to ... even when we lived in Brissie we were always going there but never arrived. It looks well worth a visit.

  5. OMG! I am in pure love..and GREEN with envy!!!
    Love it!
    You are so fortunate!
    Cricket@ gypseanurse

  6. Looks like a wonderful place to visit. Lots of interesting plants and flowers.

  7. ElsieMay - We missed the vegie garden - It started to rain so we didn't get to see everything. That means I will have to go back again SOON.

  8. What a special place (with special memories for you!) What a treat to see the cocoa beans, I adore chocolate and now I've seen what the actual beans look like. And is that tall plant a yucca? Wow!

  9. Thanks for the taster of this botanic garden, and the anecdote that comes with it :) It also fascinates me when botanic gardens in tropical locations have sections for cottage gardening, quite a challenge there!

  10. That lake is gorgeous and that cocoa bean tree is AMAZING!!!!

  11. The garden looks like a beautiful place! I really like the lilies.

  12. Great mosaics Missy, lovely composition of a wonderful place. I do love Botanical Gardens.

  13. Those pillars in the fern garden, look as if they have interesting reliefs worked in. Related to the plants near them?


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