Friday, 15 April 2011

Water, water everywhere

No, I’m not complaining about all the rain we’ve had or even the recent floods. I want to show you how we water Missy’s garden.

During the drought (which now seems so much in the past but was only a couple of years ago) we had very strict water restrictions and were encouraged to install rainwater tanks. We have three tanks and they hold more than enough water to look after the garden. Even though there is no longer a drought, the price of water has increased so having your own water supply has become a permanent benefit.

The tanks have electric pumps so we can water the garden from them. To make life even easier John ran irrigation hose from the tanks around the garden and put taps in each of the garden areas. This means not having to drag long lengths of hose to water the far reaches of the garden. Some have timers so we can attach sprinklers to them if we want and not be afraid of emptying the tank.

The latest addition has been a tap in my vege plot and one near Chookie World with a sink for washing your hands. That brings the total to nine taps from the tanks. Plus there are 4 connected to town water on the house but we rarely use these. Of course we can’t use all the taps all at once. The pumps aren’t that strong, but two or even three at a time is no problem.

It has made such a difference being able to water the garden with ease. With such a large garden using buckets and watering cans was back breaking work before we had this setup.

During Summer with all the rain we’ve had we’ve hardly watered at all but they will come in handy over Winter. Our tanks are all full so there should be plenty to see us through the drier months ahead.

We can water when and where we want and our water bill stays low.


  1. Oh I wish I had rainwater tanks, but there is just no room in our little place. That outside sink will be very usefull to for washing off vegetables before bringing them inside.

  2. Oh, how I wish I can rear chickens. I miss listening to the sounds of a cockerel's crow in the early morning. Your rainwater tank system is very useful.

  3. Missy, your watering system is amazing. What a wonderful idea! We haul hoses all over the garden and I agree, it is back-breaking work at times. I have five rain barrels, but nothing as sophisticated as your system. I think it's time to upgrade!

  4. Karen - Our system would work well in your garden. John has run the "hose" under the garden edges to we can find them and so we don't accidently put a garden fork through them.

  5. Rainwater tanks are my hopes for a long time as we have long dry season too. However, it's difficult if there's no man in the house and someone who can put all those connections in the hose, besides our funds are not enough for it. But can you show us a photo of your tanks and the connections? I might be able to learn lots from them, and might get some help. We are really had difficulties in this part of the country too. Our fruit trees died last year due to climate getting hotter, and water sources get more difficult. thank you.

  6. This water system looking very beneficial.Rain water is very useful for this type of work.


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