Thursday, 12 May 2011

After the rain

After the rain, when the sun returned, the trees turned gold reflecting it's rays.
The sun, from the far horizon was playing with them, washing just the tops of the trees in light.

Then across the sky appeared a rainbow.

The trees brushed with gold were forgotten. The rainbow was now queen.

The clouds that had filled the sky earlier sulked huddled together on the horizon.

Even as the sun disappeared below the horizon and the sky began to change into it's night attire, the rainbow remained. She had waited patiently for her time to be centre stage and she would remain there as long as she could.


  1. lovely photos - rainbows are very special and great when they hang around for a while.

  2. They are great photos, aren't they? I must admit I didn't take them. John did. It's dark when I get home from work but I got to share via his photos.

  3. Oh wow, you got the timing right and managed to capture them with your camera too! Looks like yu guys are having a lovely autumn :)

  4. Lovely photos Missy. When I saw the top of those gums in the top picture I thought they were poplars at first.

  5. What a beautiful rainbow! I haven't seen one for a long time.

  6. I see two rainbows! How absolutely beautiful. I love the way the sun lit up the trees, moments like these are so fleeting and priceless. I'm glad John was there to capture the beauty.

  7. Great rainbows Missy. And I see them all the time here at the Falls, so I am not just say it.


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