Saturday, 21 May 2011

Harvesting by torchlight

It's wonderful to see plants grow and thrive but in the vegie patch the end product is the payoff.

Last weekend's harvest was beans and squash. There were so many beans on the five little plants they were weighed down. We had beans and squash with dinner for three nights and we gave away quite a few squash.

Last night we had a stir-fry of honey-soy vegies - some from the garden (tatsoi, snow peas, beans and chilli) and some from the shops (carrot, capsicum). During the week, it's dark when I get home from work so harvesting requires a bowl, a torch and scissors - and a quick check inside in the light for any wildlife that may have been doing their own bit of harvesting.
I leave for work at 7am and don't get home until 6pm at the earliest (depending on traffic) so apart from a quick water one or two mornings during the week, the vegies have to fend for themselves Monday to Friday. Any that need more attention than that just don't survive. Most seem to manage quite well though, probably because over time I've learnt what's likely to do well and tend to stick with my favourites.
The rocket is powering on. It always seems to do OK with very little care. I love rocket in a salad.

Speaking of salads, lunch at the moment is often some lettuce and an egg (thanks to the ladies) on a sandwich or a salad wrap.
and the next crop of lettuce are on their way as well.

I'm keeping an eye on the broccholi but nothing to harvest there yet.

Soon there will be lots of lemons. The tree is loaded. They need a couple of cold nights to sweeten them up so I've been told.

The spring onions are coming on. Won't be too long before I can start using them.

Sweet basil and Thai basil self-seed around the garden but this year I bought a punnet of mixed basil seedlings to add to the collection. I'm hoping they self-seed as well. I'm wondering what purple pesto would be like.
 As always there are some successes and some failures. Generally I like to think of the failures as a learning experience. I realised too late that the row of carrots I planted between the zucchini and the tatsoi were not destined for greatness - too crowded. I've sown another row elsewhere (with a bit more room to grow) so fingers crossed they do better.

Some of the seedlings never made it into the ground. Some seeds didn't even sprout. I think they were passed their use-by date, but were worth a try.

These seedlings are a bit slow but seem healthy enough. They were something new I tried this year. Not sure what they are - I think either red cabbage or kale. Maybe someone can tell me or I'll just wait and see.

The asparagus (also new this year) is growing nicely. It won't be ready to harvest for long time yet but it looks healthy enough. That's oregano in the front corner. It seems to thrive on neglect and just keeps spreading.

As long as it gets enough water, the Vietnamese mint will be more than we need for quite some time.

It would be nice to be able to spend more time in the garden. That may happen one day, but until then I'm grateful that  there are so many vegies that don't seem need a lot of TLC.


  1. Your veggies are looking great...abundant too. I can't believe we live in the same country! LOL

  2. Such a gorgeous harvest Missy! You are so lucky to have a productive garden so close to winter.

  3. patience.. that brocolli is big enough, soon you will see a sprout

  4. Your garden looks great - even by torchlight. I'm envious I have hardly anything to pick at the moment.

  5. Wow how lovely it is to have a garden vegies that fend for themselves. They seem to be very healthy though. The most beautiful feeling for us is harvesting the fruits of our labor. Then you always have healthy salads.

  6. I have a little carrot farm going in several pots. I wish I had the space for more veggies but I don't want to give up any of my flower beds. Everything looks so tasty!!

  7. I am so envious of your gardening skills, and especially your vegetables. I have had not good luck the past few years with the vegetable garden. The lemon tree is amazing too!

  8. Your garden is so prolific, and now I see you get home later than I do I don't have an excuse! I am having a lot of trouble this season with little critters chewing everything I try to grow! grrr.


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