Monday, 2 May 2011

It's back

The vegie garden is back in production. YAY!!

Our own supply of fresh produce again. YAY!!

There's a small amount of lots of different vegetables. I had mixed success with the seed I started in trays. Some did well and they are in the garden. Some are still struggling to be ready to plant out. The seed I sowed directly in the ground did better. Not as many germinated but those that did have grown more quickly and healthily. I also bought some punnets of seedlings at our local nursery.
 The first baby squash have started to appear...
and the first of the beans....

and the snow peas.

Some of the lettuce is ready to use and their successors have been planted. There's some red cabbage seedlings I've just transferred from their tray at the end. Don't know if they'll survive, though. They look a bit scawny. Along the trellis at the back are some snap peas just getting started.

The tat-soi is almost ready to start using. I think I was a bit more heavy handed with the seed at one end than the other. Behind them is a row of carrots just starting to appear, then behind them some zucchini.

Aren't baby zucchinis cute?

The spring onions and broccoli seem to be going well together. There's a few beetroot at the end of the bed as well. About 4 or 5 of the seeds I sowed have come up. I'll add some more soon.

  Basil self-seeds everywhere. Generally I let one or two grow and pull the rest out but I've transplanted some to grow along the edge of the tomato bed (a bit of companion planting). The tomatoes, at the moment, are romas and self-seeded (probably cherry). I am still coaxing a few seedlings of other varieties which will hopefully survive to go into the garden.

Almost forgot the rocket. It's a staple in the garden and so reliable. It looks like every seed has germinated.

Asparagus is new to me. I've seen that Africanaussie in North Qld and Hazel in Victoria both grow it successfully. Since I live half way between, when I saw some at the nursery I couldn't resist. So far they look healthy enough.
I missed not having the vegies over Summer and felt a bit guilty that I'd just let it all go wild, but it's back again with a vengeance. I feel like a REAL gardener again.


  1. Hi Missy, i always miss coming over here but i remember when i saw you again in One's site, she actually introduced this to me few months ago. This post made me envious as your vegie garden is so productive, all of them look so healthy. I love those succhinis, which i always buy from the supermarket.

  2. Oh yes, and doesn't it look wonderful! Actually a little too wonderful for my liking - I have been working very hard too, but my veggies don't look nearly as good as yours!

    Love the asparagus, I really want to try it too. Do you know what kind of spot they like?

  3. Ali. The asparagus will be trial and error. I think they need full sun and they have to have soil piled up as they grow (which takes about two years) so I planted them at the back of the raised bed.

  4. Your garden is coming along nicely, I love to watch the squash pop up, hidden away under the vine with those magnificent yellow flower caps. They sometimes look to pretty to pick!

  5. Yay!! Looks lush. How's the hedge? :)

  6. wow that is fantastic. Does Missy eat veggies?

  7. Mrs Bok - We'll just have to wait and see with the hedge - could take quite a while.

    Hazel - Missy will eat virtually anything, especially if the chooks are eating it. Tried banana once and spat it out though.

  8. What a wonderful vegetable garden you have. I am so envious; last year we couldn't grow anything due to the wet weather and this year it doesn't appear we will get any warm weather. I guess there's always next year? In the meantime, I will admire your hard work.

  9. Those look wonderful! I envy those of you with a lot of wonderful edibles.

  10. It sure is a heartening sight.

  11. Wow! I'm so envious. We should be able to plant after May 15. And then we could still have snow.

  12. Missy, I'm so happy for you and your garden - looks wonderful! My squash fizzled - harvested one small one and no others produced. I had lots of flowers, though. Hmmm?! I'm excited to see how your asparagus comes along!!


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