Sunday, 15 May 2011

What's Flowering in May

Most of the flowering plants in Missy's garden are tropical, so (like me) they don't really like Winter. With the days getting shorter and the temperatures dropping, there are not as many blooms as there were. Late Autumn is the time we prune and mulch ready for winter and I concentrate on the vegetable garden. But although many plants go dormant, living in the sub-tropics means that there will always be something in bloom.
Looking about the garden this morning I found ...

The potted geraniums are starting to bloom.

The climbing bauhinia is STILL flowering - I think it flowers all year round.

The red calliandra and the white one in the front yard are both covered in flowers. The birds love them.

 The Brazilian Red Cloak is still doing well.

Some of the hibiscus are still flowering and the Ixora have the odd bloom

A bit of a surprise- one lone Canna had a flower. Most have gone dormant for Winter.

The poinsettias are the stars of Winter. I obviously didn't cut them back enough last Summer because they are huge, but look great covered with blooms.

in case anyone is wondering about the hedge

You cannot kill Sheenas Gold.

To see what's blooming elsewhere check out Garden Bloggers Bloom Day at May Dreams Gardens.


  1. You've still got some lovely blooms around the garden. That Climbing Bauhinia is something I've been looking for ever since I spotted on your blog ... definitely on my wish list. It's still looking great.

    It's also lovely to see those Poinsettias in full bloom. I had a couple in the garden here way back, but drought killed them off. I finally planted a couple more last year and they're coming along, but I can't wait for them to mature and bloom.

    I don't think there's anything that can kill off Duranta ... not even a nuclear blast, lol!!! Good to see all that new growth.

  2. I have a Duranta that I overwintered. Sounds like a weed elsewhere. I like mine too. Pretty nice blooms for May, Missy.

  3. I love those little fireworks. If I was a bird, I would love them too!

  4. Poinstsettias grows in your garden?! WOW!! Those are strictly greenhouse flowers here that show up at Christmas! Yours are huge!! Before I discovered your blog I always thought of Australia as either the beach or the Outback. Reading about your garden has been quie an education!

  5. Lovely blooms! My first visit to your blog, I'm off to explore it some more :)

  6. Those poinsettias are monsters: how beautiful. I especially like the fuzzy red flowers.

  7. Hi Missy, your calliandra's are like feathery puff balls, I've never seen that plant before. Very neat to see poinsettias growing naturally as intended. Like Casa Mariposa said, we only see them out for purchase around Christmas, straight from the factory hothouse. Cheers, Jenni

  8. You have some very pretty blooms, I love that Bauhina tree, and something that flowers year round is a sure bonus. My pointsettia often gets those little white flies - does yours get them too? I love it when the whole bush turns red, it sure adds lots of color to the garden. I knew that sheenas gold would come back.....

  9. I'm amazed by the poinsettia too! I've never seen one in a garden setting. It's beautiful. Happy Bloom Day Missy!

  10. Hi Missy,
    What beautiful flowers and garden. I wish I could grow Brazilian Red Cloak here, but it's just a bit too cold for them.
    You have some nice tropicals.
    To answer your impatiens question...yes, there's grass on one side and Mondo grass on the other. Usually mowing would be a problem, but since we are enduring a drought, the grass has not grown hence no edging problems. The impatiens take bright shade, dappled shade, but no direct sun. They also don't like deep shade or they'll quite blooming. I love them, but they take too much water for summer and will probably fade away soon. Happy GBBD!
    David/ Tropical Texana

  11. You have some very lovely blooms. And you have taken such great vivid. Happy GBBD Day!

  12. I think I lost my first comment so here goes again... what I tried to say was that I'm very impressed with a number of your plants and their bloom... many of which I am unfamiliar with... very nice! Larry

  13. Gorgeous. Especially like those calliandras.

  14. Hi Missey, I too love that bauhinia. What a beauty, nice foliage too. Wow never seen poinsettias growing as a shrub. I especially like the white/cream flowers :-)

    Wishing you a Happy Bloom Day from Scotland :-)

  15. Looks like th hedge is coming back with a vengeance indeed!

    The joys of living in the subtropics, to still have so many in bloom in the autumn. Those Calliandras are gorgeous!


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