Monday, 6 June 2011

June in the vegie patch

Quick update on the vegie garden...
 Hoping for tomatoes soon. All the plants have lots of small green ones so it will either be a bumper crop or a big disappointment.  I'll just have to wait and see.
The grape and cherry plants are self-seeded so I expect them to be pretty tough .
 The beans and snowpeas have been providing us with enough for two or three meals a week. I don't have a lot of plants so I'm happy with that.
The baby squash are powering along. We're picking up to a dozen a week. If they don't get picked in time though we have giant squash.
Not happy with the zucchini though. The plants look fine but the zucchinis are rotting off after the flower dies. Not sure what to do about it. I might just rip them out and start again somewhere else.
 The broccoli is starting to form heads. A couple of weeks ago something was eating the leaves. I cut the effected ones off and fed them to the chooks and whatever was attacking seems to have moved on, so big relief. I don't care if they eat the leaves but I hate them eating the bit we like to eat.
There's spring onions in the same bed getting quite big now. Maybe they are helping to repel the bugs.

 There's enough lettuce for us and the ladies and the cabbage/kale things are growing and looking healthy. So are the snap peas. They've started to flower so should be producing soon.

Most of the herbs love this time of year - much more comfortable for them than Summer. The roemary is flowering so it must be happy.

The lemons are about ready to pick. We will be giving away bucket loads.

Elsewhere around the garden, John is giving the mock orange hedge a trim.

and the ladies are just chilling out in Chookie World.


  1. Gosh your produce is looking so good and healthy. For some reason things are not moving that fast in my garden (oh maybe I expect too much!) I wish I was getting snow peas already, but the plants are coming along. My zucchini was doing the same thing - so I just pick them before the flower falls off and they are so lovely and tender and cute. It could also be that I am too impatient to let them grow bigger! those patty pan squash look lovely - I wonder if I could try to grow those there?

  2. What a productive garden, well done. I've had nothing much to pick in my garden recently. I'm envious! :)

  3. Great post, Missy. The veggies are zooming along.

  4. I'm very envious of your winter garden!! Meanwhile I'm sure I lost feeling in my toes this morning :) It's so frosty here in the mornings! Your vegies look so fantastic!

  5. Lovely to see so much home grown produce Missy! And to think it's 'winter' there :)

  6. Hello Missy, it looks like in a few days you will be harvesting the fruits of your labor, and that is the most thrilling part of gardening. They look so healthy too, and look at those tomatoes, plenty of fruits in a bunch!

  7. Ahh love summer gardening....Cute blog! I just found you and see we have a lot in common you should check out my blog and Follow me if you like
    I always Follow back :)

  8. Wow Missy, pretty impressive! We are just starting our veggie garden project. If it produces anywhere near as well as yours does I will have to set up a market stall!


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