Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Late Ginger

Ginger's always been a bit slower than the rest.
We called her Ginger because instead of running out the gate with the other ladies to explore the back yard she used to do little sideways dance - not quite a waltz, more a salsa.  It took her a lot longer than the rest to work out that the open gate was the path to freedom, but finally she got it.

She's running a bit late as well with her moulting.

but she's doing a good job of it.

Everyone else moulted in Autumn and have their feathers back to keep them warm for winter.
They've even started laying again.
Not Ginger.

I'm hoping it's just that she's a bit slow and there's not actually anything wrong with her
that's made her lose her feathers.

While the others have to check every wheelbarrow of compost before it leaves their area
(in case we're stealing valuable worms)

Ginger's wondering what all the fuss is about.

Gladys had to go get her and tell her to join in the fun.

Mmmm... I think she's a bit slow.


  1. It seems as though your chooks give you lots of entertainment trying to work out what is going on. Just as well ginger has some good friends that lead her in the right direction.

  2. Your chickens brought a big smile. So cute, especially in the wheelbarrow.

  3. My Hortense is like your Ginger...always the last to find out! I am loving the name Gladys...might save that for the next new lady when I get one.

  4. hahaha, we have chickens too, and if the children already name them from birth, my mother will not be able to cook it anymore. So there is always a battle 'to name or not to name'! Maybe your Ginger has a different genetic make-up than the others, different breeds have different characteristics. I bought 3 Japanese chickens few years ago, and interbred with our natives. The 3 are all gone because they are susceptible to diseases but their legacy of being small with feathery legs are still there. Now you inspire me to post chicken again. regards.

  5. Oh, how I enjoyed these last two posts; Missy's garden adventures are so cute, she really does lead a fascinating life! I look forward to her next posts with eager anticipation.

    Ginger is a gentle soul, I have one very much like her named Goldie. Right now all of my girls are still in their fenced-in pen waiting for the annuals to grow enough to withstand their scratchy ways. How cute Ginger is!


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