Monday, 27 June 2011

Missy's Special Day

"Every dog must have his (or her) day."
- Jonathan Swift

As we all know it’s my garden and my blog but I hardly ever get a mention, let alone have my say. Ros has taken over. I said she could type, but I never said she could take over completely. I have things to say – about things that interest me – places I’ve been, dogs I’ve met, books I’ve read maybe.

We’ve decided Monday will be my day. Ros thinks it should be called Dog Dribble Day. I'm not sure. If you can think of a better name let me know.

Of course Ros will still type. Why have a human and type yourself?

There are quite a few dogs in the Garden Blog World, so if any of you Horticultural Hounds can convince your people to type up a post for you occasionally I’d love to hear what you’re doing. We can have our own Plant-loving Pooch Posts…..

For my first post I'll tell you what makes an ideal day.

Playing with Purple Pig. - Currently my favourite toy.

I love loud squeaky toys - the louder the better – I shake them and chew them – anything to make them squeal. Somehow most seem to loose their sound after a couple of days, though. Not sure how.

Naps - lots of naps – on my bed, on the couch, on my cushions, in the sun, in the shade. Now that I think about .it…. I’ll sleep anywhere… An ideal day has about a dozen naps, maybe more.

Food! I use my power of hypnosis to make them give me food. – Look into my eyes... feed the dog...feed the dog..... I like bacon and chicken and sausage – all sorts of meat. Oh and cheese. I love Blue Vein especially but all cheese is good cheese. My favourite all time food is chorizo sausage. If you have some you could be my favourite human.

Patroling the garden. Someone has to keep an eye on things.

Time for another snooze before the boss get’s home.

I wait near the front gate so he knows where to find me.

When he gets home we might go for a walk. I love walks - or we’ll talk to the chooks. He brings them food. I check it out, but it’s fruit and vegie scraps - nothing dogs like. I’m a bit discriminating. There are things I won’t eat – like banana. I tried it once because the chooks seems to like it. Yuk! Spat it out.

Convince the boss to play for a while before dinner.

Did I mention I love food.

Then there’s just enough time for another nap before Ros gets home.

What makes your day ideal?


  1. Missy, you're adorable! Tell Ros I said that :)

  2. I think Missy and my five would get along just great! They definitely think alike! She's a real cutie!!

  3. Missy....I think you have it made. Sounds like you mom is very good to you. Summertime is what makes me happy and content. No waking up at 5M to get to school by 7:45, getting to do whatever I want to do for 2 months, play in my yard, go for lots of long walks and not to hikes. Genie


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