Friday, 3 June 2011

My new seed box

I have kept my seeds in a cardboard box or plastic container for ages but I wanted somewhere neater to store them.
I bought a wooden box, painted it green and drew pictures of my favourite vegies on it.
(Actually the ones I thought I'd be able to draw and paint most easily)
After it was painted I gave it a couple of coats of varnish to protect the paintwork then added the seeds.

Hope they like their new home.


  1. What a beautiful seed box! You are very artistic, I am sure the seeds will be very coy in their new home. Where do you keep your seeds? I keep mine in a plastic container in the fridge, as I have heard that will keep them viable for longer.

  2. Love it, you've combined craft and gardening...sweet! Just found your blog through blotanical. Am excited to follow your journeys! Cheers Julia (Seattle gardener, but from The Gap QLD and missing all that Brissy sunshine)

  3. Nice one Missy! Looks like you're dab handy on botanical art too :)

  4. Very good work. A gardener and an artist.

  5. Thanks Gillian. I usually just keep the seeds on a shelf on the back patio bus maybe they should be in the fridge, at least in Summer

  6. Lovely work, do you hold the paint brush in your paw? I saw an old 'beauty case' at the op-shop yesterday...I think I will buy it for my seeds.

  7. Love the seed box. I keep mine in an old shoe box, so you have now inspired me.

    Excellent artwork, very pretty!


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