Monday, 4 July 2011

Good Dog / Bad Dog

I've had a visitor. I don't get many. Usually I have people visit my garden, not dogs.
Don't tell anyone, but I'm actually a bit scared of bigger dogs. I pretend I'm not and I bark at them through the fence to chase them off.
This dog just walked into the house with her human like she belonged here. Ros told me she was a good dog and we could be friends.
After I got over the shock I decided she was a good dog and maybe we could be friends.
 We did a bit of stereo begging.

I showed her around my garden like John and Ros do with their human friends.
 (Of course I was careful to avoid the places where bones were buried.)

She was really interested in the ladies. Once she saw them she didn't want to do anything else but stare at them. I tried to interest her in a game of chasey, but she was focussed on the ladies.

She told me ladies taste like chicken - which is just silly. How can family members taste like something that comes out of the refrigerator? I know what chicken tastes like and there are definitely no feathers.

She said if we worked together we'd be able to get into their pen and she'd prove it to me.

She even tried to lift the lid to the egg box.

The ladies were not impressed. They didn't want to play with her at all.

John and Ros weren't impressed either and called her a bad dog.
They chained her up and that was the end of our games.

I'm confused - what makes you a good dog or a bad dog?


  1. Sounds like we are living parallel lives Miss Missy!

  2. great little story... I am glad your chooks are safe from the bad dog.

  3. Missy, my Teddy and Pudding dogs don't like bad dogs either. I'm so glad you were able to have John and Ros restrain your visitor from hurting your family members, such a shocking thought! Of course they don't taste like chicken, how silly.

    I love your adventures, Missy. You are such a good little dog!

  4. Good dogs don't eat chicken or chooks, or even entertain the thought.


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