Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Surprise Tomatoes

When you're not as organised in the garden as you should be there are always surprises. Some good. Some not so good.
I started some tomato seeds in trays a while back. There were 6 different varieties. Those that did well were transplanted to the garden. I did label them in the tray but in the transplanting they may have got mixed up. There were also quite a few volunteers that sprang up from last year's crop. As they've started to bear fruit I'm trying to work out what I've got. So far there's a few different types.

These guys are the real surprise. This is a self-seeded plant and looks suspisciously (to me) like a cross between a Roma and the grape tomatoes. Both were planted in that bed last year.
I'll just have to wait and see how they ripen.
A couple still haven't started to bear fruit yet. I wonder what they'll be.


  1. We have bad problems with bacterial wilt in the area, but I have planted what I think are tropic tomatoes into almost pure compost. we had our first one last night, and hubby said -"ah this is what tomatoes are supposed to taste like - I wonder what they do to the ones we buy from the store?" I also have some romas, in a grow bag, and cherries, but none of those are ripe yet. Yours look very tasty, mine seem to be taking their time ripening because of the colder than normal weather.

  2. My mystery tomatoes have just set little pear shaped fruit and I'm waiting to see what they turn into. The tomatoes in the last pix look pretty interesting! It's always fun when something unexpected, that you actually want, pops up in the garden!

  3. Those are great looking tomatoes! I've always been hesitant to grow tomatoes. Do they really taste so much better than the store bought ones?

  4. Now that last one is an interesting shape. Worth saving some of it's seeds, I wonder if it will come true when grown from seed or will revert to something else? :)

  5. Wow, your tomatoes look great! Mine are so pitiful again this year, but I have high hopes. I always forget which ones are which after I plant them too. The last one is really different, almost like a tomato crossed with a pepper. You might have the next amazing plant cross there!

  6. I love tomatoes and I put for this year, about 25 different variety. Every time, I wait for the new taste from my new tomatoes. I love how they look and how they smell. The tomatoes are my best fruit.

  7. What wonderful gifts! I'm looking forward to warmer weather, tomatoes are one of my faves to grow as they taste sooooo much better sun warmed and fresh off the vine than store bought! Your mystery tomato looks very roma-grapey indeed!


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