Saturday, 30 July 2011

We're back

We’ve been visiting the family in Cairns to celebrate our oldest grandson’s 5th birthday AND to escape Winter for a while. I used to live in Trinity Beach and moved back to Brisbane for a work opportunity twelve years ago. I love being back there. I miss the relaxed lifestyle, the natural beauty of the place and the warmth of both the people and the climate.

We were in grandparent heaven

Mr 5’s kindy had a special afternoon of entertainment by a group of  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from a local school and we were invited to visit. The boys performed a kangaroo dance and a crocodile dance and the girls sang traditional songs and some familiar children’s songs in their language. The kindy kids were thrilled. They’d been learning a couple of the songs already as part of NAIDOC week and joined in the singing.

The party, of course, was the highlight of the trip. My daughter hired a playgroup hall for the day and we decorated to match the pirate theme Mr 5 had chosen for his party.

It included a gigantic sandpit complete with toys to delight any pre-schooler and a kitchen so we could prepare and serve the party food.

Throwing water balloons to knock down the ships. Five is an amazing age. Check out the concentration on the faces. There could be a future fast bowler for Australia amongst these guys.

There’s more than one way to whack a piñata.

as long as we get there in the end....

Icing and decorating your own cake is almost as much fun as eating it.

Grandpa got his face painted like a pirate by Mr 5 with a little help from his Mum. Grandpa actually looks remarkably calm given he's having an eye patch painted on.

It’s a pity Grandmas can’t fit into toy cars, it looks like a lot of fun....
and she's definitely too big for the slippery slide. That's because she's a long way past 5.

When you're 5 you can blow the candles out all by yourself.

 FIVE is definitely a great age to be.

Now we're home, it's time to catch up on the garden and the housework
and on what's been happening out there in the blogasphere.
It is nice to be home but I do love Cairns, especially in Winter.
Might check out the real estate site for a while.

Also, I'm going to join Mary at Little Red House for her Mosaic Monday.


  1. Welcome back. Sounds like you had a great time. We're going for a holiday in Cairns soon too. I've never been can't wait. Especially can't wait to escape Melbourne's weather!

  2. What a fabulous cake at the end there, and what a patient grandpa... are you way more patient with your grandchildren than you were with your own? I can hardly recognise my parents with my boys, they are the epitome of patience! I don't remember that growing up!!

    Cairns would be lovely this time of year, I have never been there and should get off my butt and do so. Is there anything in particular I should go see?

  3. Fabulous mosaics. What a party! Mr 5 most certainly had a wonderful time. Loved that birthday cake and well done to Grandpa for getting his face painted. Winter here in the north is definitely a great reason for recommending living in the tropics ... it's the summers that make people think twice.

  4. VG & Ali, you shouldn't get me started on what to do & see around Cairns. There's so much I'll sound like a tourist brochure BUT things not to miss
    (1) Don't miss the Reef. If you go on out to a pontoon there is lots for younger kids to do as well.
    (2) Kuranda - make sure you go to the bird house and the butterfly house not just the markets. Go up by train and back by Skyrail (great views)
    (3) Breakfast with the Birds at Port Douglas. They would be my top three, followed closely by Australia Zoo at Palm Cove and a visit to Rusty's markets - a local fresh produce market not a touristy one.

  5. Welcome home!! What a fantastic cake!

  6. Oh, what a wonderful 5th birthday party for your grandson and great memories for everyone! I wish I had the energy of a five year old right now, just watching them hopping around does my heart good. Can you imagine how much work I'd get done in the garden if I had their vitality?

    Glad you're back safe and sound!

  7. Good you are back! The faces on the kids are priceless. Adorable.

  8. Perfect summer photos!!! Have a beautiful week!!!

  9. wow Missy that's a wonderful vacation. I am sure the grandparents are so happy for having your family there. I heard from some Ozis that Cairns has the most wonderful weather in the world, someone from Sydney coming over said it is the hybrid of Sydney and the Philippines. Because i've been to Sydney so i can relate to that! welcome back to blogging Missy!

  10. Charmed completely by this post as I, too, have a grandson who's five. Wonderful age as you said! I'm going to try to remember the treasure chest pinata for future reference.

  11. Oh you were in my neck of the woods :) glad you enjoyed it and I must say that you picked my favorite things to do around here as well. I would also add
    1. Mossman Gorge, which is free. There is a new elevated walkway, a suspension bridge and a rustic 2km walk through the forest. You can also brave the freezing water for a swim if you dare. and
    2. A drive up into the Daintree rainforest. The ferry is about 20.00, but you will drive through the most amazing scenery. There are lots of lovely walks through mangrove swamps, rainforest walks with waterfalls, and along pristine beaches.
    just thought I would add my two cents worth if thats ok Missy. By the way thanks so much for the seeds. I have been sick, but hopefully can plant them soon.

  12. It is nice to travel, but even better returning home. Looks like you had a great party. Happy Birthday to your grandson, he is a cutie!!

  13. Congrats on your Grandson's 5th! Looks like Granma & Granpa had a really good time at the Pirate party :)

  14. Glad to see you guys had a lovely time, and belated Happy Birthday to your grandson! :)

  15. Aww, sounds like a wonderful visit :-)


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