Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Passionfruit Butter

What do you do when the passionfruit vine is taking over the garden? It began life a seed in the compost but has grown up over the golden cane palm tree. I'm going to have to remove it - but not yet. It's covered in fruit.
My Mum used to make passionfruit butter and I have her recipe.

In case you can't read Mum's writing the ingredients are:
6 passionfruit
2 eggs
1 teas butter
1 cup sugar

Mum mixed the ingredients in a Pyrex jug sitting in a saucepan of boiling water for twenty minutes.

I wasn't too keen on that method so I went to taste.com.au and there was a recipe there with almost the same ingredients, but cooked in a microwave.
You simply mix the ingredients together and zap it on medium for around ten minutes, removing to stir the mixture each minute, until it thickens.
Then you pour it into a sterilised bottle and keep it in the fridge.

My method worked beautifully. We now have passionfruit butter on our toast.

Thanks Mum.


  1. I think I've had passionfruit before and thought it had a sweet, exotic flavor. I've never seen them for sale. Do you eat the seeds?

  2. Tammy, Yes. You eat the seeds covered in a sweet golden pulp. They are so common here it's hard to imagine not having them.

  3. oh that looks yummy, and so easy :). I have a couple of passionfruit every day mixed into my yoghurt, and then give bags and bags away to the neighbors... The pulp also freezes beautifully.

  4. Edible passion fruit (as opposed to the non edible ones we have here as summer planting), the sight of it is enough to make my mouth water :)

  5. I adore passionfruit! In tarts, in butter, alone, in pavlova oh yum!! Storms destroyed our vine whilst we were away :( Will try again!

  6. What a wonderful recipe and how neat you found a little easier way to prepare it. This looks delicious!

  7. Hi Missy, that's great! I only thought of passion fruit juice but for the sandwich, hmmm, would be nice. I know passionfruit vines grow really luxuriously, so i see it mostly in roofing trellisses in some garden resorts which have wide spaces. Yours looks so healthy with lots of fruits. It is host to a beautiful butterfly.

  8. I'm so glad I stopped by, Missy, because my passionfruit vines are also creeping all over the my rose apple trees beside the pergola. Lots of fruit now...so I can make jam with your recipe! Thanks for sharing.
    Can the same method be used to make kumquat jam?

  9. Love the handwritten recipe. I wish I had your problem of abundant crops, we've had 9 months of freak weather and though the flowers have done well the fruit and veg have not, though my teeny tiny alpine strawberries have produced more fruit than ever for daily delicious grazing. I'd love to be able to grow passionfriut, so nice in ice cream, smoothies etc.

  10. Yum, I do the microwave recipe for Lemon butter, it's so easy and no fuss! I have oodles of passionfruits at the moment too, I will have to try this recipe, I have added passionfruit to my lemon butter before but never made it with just passionfruit!!

  11. I just wanted to pop in again and say Thank You for the lovely comment on my post! Gosh, that meant so much to me. I hope all is well with you and dear Missy.


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