Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The A to Z of Me

Laura at Our Wee Farm did an A to Z of Me which I thought was so great I'm being a copycat. I haven't written this much for the blog in ages.

A=Age; (Ouch) 55 - Smack in the middle of middle age.

B=Bed size; Queen

C=Chore that you hate; I would much prefer to work in the garden than the house. But if I have to pick  the ONE I hate the most – vacuuming. No wait – ironing or maybe cleaning windows.

D=Dogs; Missy, of course! But I’m not so sure she considers herself a dog.

E=Essential start to your day; Coffee. I can’t do anything until the caffeine kicks in.

F= Favourite colour; I don’t have a favourite colour as such. My favourite colour changes with my mood and the situation. In the garden I like red and white because they look so good with green.

G=Gold or silver; I’m really not a jewellery person. I like it and would never say no to something sparkly as a gift, but I rarely wear it or buy it and don’t really have a preference.

H= Height; 5ft 7in, 169cm and I’ve been that tall since I was about 12 which made me a whizz at netball when I was at school.

I= Instruments you play; As a child I learnt piano but haven’t played for many years. Don’t think I could now. I can tune a car radio though.

J=Job title; Manager – Injury Management Services. I head a team of health professionals who make sure people who are injured at work get the treatment and rehabilitation they need to recover and get back to work safely.

K-Kids; I have a son and a daughter and John has a son and two daughters, so between us – 5 (all adults) and we have 5 adorable grandchildren.

L=Live; I have lived in Queensland all my life – much of it in North Queensland but currently in the South East corner.

M=Mother's name; Ada

N=Nickname; Never had one. (Well, not that I know of)

O=Overnight hospital stays; When my children were born we stayed in hospital for 5-7 days, not like now when they send you home almost immediately. They’ve been my longest hospital stays.

P=Pet peeves; Ever seen the “Grumpy Old Women” shows – well I don’t want to seem like one of them - however – Rudeness in all it’s forms would be my pet peeve.

Q=Quotes from a film; The Castle has a quote for (almost) every occasion

“This is going straight to the pool room”,
“Tell him he’s dreaming”,
“How’s the serenity” and my all time favourite,
“I dug a hole”.

R=Right or left handed; Right handed totally and absolutely.

S= Siblings; One brother who is seven years younger than me. I used to call him my little brother until he grew to 6ft 2in.

T=Time you wake up; I wake up when the sun gets up – like the chooks. Early in Summer, late in Winter.

U=Underwear; With age comes an appreciation of comfy undies.

V=Vegetable I hate: I confess. I don’t like pumpkin. It’s one of the very few foods I avoid.

W=What makes you run late; Traffic jams. I try very hard to never be late. I will leave for an appointment half an hour early to avoid being a couple of minutes late. I think it’s rude to keep others that took the effort to be on time waiting, but when the traffic comes to a halt..... that's it....I'm not going anywhere.

X=Xrays you've had; Most bits of me have been X-rayed at one time or another. Not that I’m clumsy.

Y=Yummy food that you make; I love preparing celebration food – for birthdays, Christmas, family gatherings.

Z=Zoo animals; All animals have their own charm. I have recently rediscovered zoos with my grandchildren. I would hate to see an animal caged but the zoos I’ve been to aren’t like that. They really try to replicate their natural homes and make life as comfortable as possible for their animals.
The boys love the snakes and lizards as much as the furry animals.


  1. So much fun to read through your A-Z list. I also enjoyed your previous post and seeing Missy's haircut. My Teddy and Pudding dogs suffer much worse at my hands than Missy did. She looks just like a show dog!

  2. I love your Castle quotes. Tell him he's dreaming is possibly the most fabulous line ever. I don't remember I dug a hole though??

  3. Loved your A-Z. Such a fun way to say a little about yourself. May I borrow the idea too for my blog???

  4. These have been great fun and a great way to get to know one another. Love the castle...and I'm with you on pumpkin!

  5. Oh I am enjoying getting to know everyone a bit more through this little game.

  6. Lovely to know more about you! I hate ironing as well...ugh...


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