Monday, 12 September 2011

Millie's Garden

This is my friend Millie. Isn't she cute?
She has a keen interest in gardening like me. She has people who do most of the work for her as all dogs do. She's very proud of her garden - and so she should be.
During the floods in January the water washed away the grass and topsoil from a large part of her back garden. Her people (Marie and Baz) have had to work very hard to restore the garden - with quite a deal of encouragement from their dog of course.
They decided, rather than replace the topsoil and lay turf, they would reinvent the garden.
 Rocks and pavers have replaced the washed away lawn.
 They have a great collection of succulents and bromeliads, so the new look compliments their plants perfectly.
I love this little man.

Out of the chaos they've created a new garden room.
What a great place to hide out with a good book and a cool drink.

Millie tells me it was all her idea. She had to constantly supervise to make sure Marie and Baz got it right. Isn't she a talented garden designer?


  1. It's a pleasure to meet Millie. I wish I could have a dog to tell me what to do. Right now, stray cats come into my garden at night and leave it in ruins. :(

  2. Millie is adorable, Missy! What a cute little fur friend you have. She has done an excellent job supervising her human's work in the garden. I think Millie will have to come over here to America to coach us on our stone building attempts. I could use her very special talents!

  3. Millie's garden is stunning! Such good taste and eye for style! Hope her 'family' appreciate her talents! xxx

  4. Nice to meet you Millie, and you have a lovely garden ;)

  5. it looks like you really changed your garden, in due time it will again be full of life, and Millie will be glad!

  6. Very nicely done. Millie is so adorable!

  7. Yes, Millie is VERY cute! Love the new pavers and rocks. The colors are great!


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