Monday, 26 September 2011

My Holiday

I've been off to Cairns again to play with my grandsons.

Had a wonderful time.

 Came home feeling refreshed and enlivened - ready to tackle many of the gardening jobs that have been neglected or just can't be done over Winter.
Two weeks holiday - one in Cairns and one in the garden.
In Cairns, I went to the Zoo, to the beach, to Kindy and generally enjoyed being Grandma.
In the garden, I cleared out and replanted a couple of garden beds, did lots of weeding, divided bromeliads, planted some corn and beans (thanks Hazel for the tip). For many people this wouldn't seem like much of a holiday, but I loved it and I'm looking forward to doing lots more in the garden now the days are longer.
John has put a sprinkler system in the greenhouse, so propogating will be happening over the next couple of weeks. Many of the plants in our garden grow from cuttings and I'm hoping to have lots of new plants ready to give away and to fill spaces in the garden in a couple of months. Hopefully I'll remember to get some photos as I do them. I've been rather slack lately with the blog.

Oh ... and I also gave Missy a haircut.

Silkie Terriers have hair that just keeps growing. Show dogs have hair that reaches almost to the ground and gets brushed daily, but Missy's definitely not a show dog. Over Winter Missy's long hair keeps her warm, but as the weather gets warmer she needs to have short hair. When I first do it, it takes a while for us to get used to the much smaller dog with the skinny legs. Luckily, she's not a vain dog or doesn't have access to a mirror because I'm not a great hairdresser. A professional dog groomer would do a much better job but costs a heap.
She doesn't like having it done but she just sits and lets me do it - such a good dog.
She looks impressed doesn't she?


  1. SNAP! My grandsons came to stay yesterday and my sisters will be bringing their grandchildren today...another Granny Camp is underway. I love, love, love being a grandma!

  2. Glad you had some time with the grandkids, and this is such a beautiful time to be out in the garden. We used to have a golden retriever and once we got a pair of clippers with different length options we found it much easier to clip her with those. It definitely keeps them cooler with their hair shorn.

  3. Missy looks adorable :) My Border Collies are shedding their under coat this time of the year and I don't want to pay for a groomer either... They look a little sad (maybe embarrassed) after the trim I give them.--Your haircut looks much more professional!

  4. OH beautiful! Time to head up north for some sun...

    She does not look very impressed at all :)

  5. Missy looks so fetching with her new haircut :)

  6. I love your posts .... great photo montage!!! Missy doesn't look impressed but hey at least she'll be cool!!! x


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