Thursday, 29 September 2011

Very happy hippies

There is a blaze of red along our front fence-line. The hippeastrums have come to life.

For much of the year they are simply clumps of green leaves. Then in winter they die back and disappear completely. But when they re-appear they make sure they are noticed.


We began (a few years ago) with one plant and each year the bulbs multiply. It wouldn't be possible to count how many we have now. Many bulbs have been given away as well and hopefully will be putting on the same show in other gardens at the moment.
These plants receive no attention - except when they flower. They survive on rain water only and reward us year after year with a great display.

 Clumps of Dietes are interspersed behind and between. They flower for much longer and are also an easy care plant that multiplies each year. When I saw them thriving in traffic islands along the motorway, I knew they would be the perfect plant for this area of the garden.
Gradually we are acquiring more as the seeds germinate. The clumps can be dug up and divided but I'm in no hurry. I just keep an eye out for any volunteer plants that come up and transplant them to where I want a new clump.

Some people have fairies at the bottom of their garden. I have hippies.


  1. oh how lovely they look all in a line like that. This is the first year mine have flowered and I am not sure why, but it makes me happy. I think they do enjoy a bit of cold over the winter and we have had that this winter.

  2. They are pretty. Here we get them for inside in winter.

  3. I really like that last photo. Aren't they a brilliant colour!

  4. I was wondering if you had bands of roving hippies in your area and then I see these! How beautiful and in such abundance, what a show-stopper. I remember growing them in a big plastic box-like pot in the house in the winter, but they never looked like your fantastic display. I'd have hippies in my garden year-round if they'd grace it like yours do. Beautiful!

  5. They're beautiful and such a wonderful colour. Well done and enjoy!!! lol x

  6. Hi Missy, that is also how i managed or unmanaged mine, except that mine is the red-orange Hippeastrum puniceum. I also posted that long ago here as a hedge, a bit more dense than yours. But i love that very red color too, it's just that i haven't looked for that color here. Oh how i wish i also have that color! very lovely.

  7. Such a beautiful blaze of colour!
    Sooooooooo jealous! xx

  8. The hippeastrum border looks stunning and I also like dietes very much, because they are beautiful and easy to look after.♥Titania


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