Saturday, 10 September 2011

What a rip-off!!!

Where has Spring gone. I feel like we've been robbed. We had beautiful Spring weather during the week while I was at work and then I woke up this morning to freezing cold winds.

The garden has been showing definite signs of Spring. The wisteria has started to bloom.

The strawberries are fruiting.

Tiny daisies are appearing.

Spring is a wonderful season. It's a pleasure to be in the garden in Spring and I was looking forward to spending the weekend getting dirt under my fingernails and the sun on my back.
I had sown trays of seed and they were being nurtured ready for planting in the vegie patch.  - Capsicum, several varieties of chilli, yellow pear tomatoes, rosella, corn, cucumber, beetroot and bok choy. This weekend the plan was to dig compost through the garden beds to refresh them ready for the new seedlings. BUT - I woke this morning to cold and windy - definitely a day to stay inside.

I did a few loads of washing but hadn't even ventured outside to hang it up. I was hoping somehow that the wind would ease. When I did eventually go outside this is what I found...
It looks more like a coffin than a greenhouse and that's exactly what it is. All of the seed trays have been up-ended. Nothing could be saved. I had it weighed down with bricks across the bottom shelf - obviously not enough. Oh well, guess what I'll be doing when the wind dies down. This time I think I'll tie it to the post as well as weighing it down.


  1. Oh that's such a shame! We've had some very gusty winds up here for a couple of weeks now and it looks like you've had the same. Do you think you can rescue any of the seeds?

    Your Wisteria is just gorgeous and so are those little Seaside Daisies. I never seem to any luck with those up here. They do well for a while and then give up when the rainy season arrives. Love those yummy strawberries too! That's something I've never tried to grow up here. I don't think they would do well at all.

  2. This happens to us SO often but with hot berg (mountain)winds that come with a vengeance! They can rip the heart out of our garden (and our own hearts)within minutes so I REALLY feel for you. But (as my grandmother used to say and she really did say this), take a deep breath, pick yourself up and start again..... Mother Nature can be oh so cruel... lol

  3. It is so fun to know a gardener whose seasons are the exact opposite of mine. I try so hard to think what it would be like if we were going into Spring right now instead of Fall (heavenly!) but alas, there is no changing the seasons, is there?

    I'm sorry to see your greenhouse was toppled; that's not nice! The wisteria is absolutely beautiful; another plant I have not personally tried to grow but admire from afar in other people's gardens. I sure hope you can salvage some of your hard work!

  4. Is there any way you can anchor the greenhouse into the ground? How frustrating to have all your seed trays knocked over. Your spring plants look like North American spring plants - wisteria and daisies! Strawberries don't fruit here till summer. I rarely see white wisteria. Yours is beautiful!

  5. So sorry for your seeds Missy. We get strong canyon winds in our gardens that cause damage at times, so I know what a disappointment it may be. Your upbeat attitude will see you through.

  6. Oh, I'm so sorry about your greenhouse.


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