Thursday, 1 September 2011

Winter is over!

What will I miss about Winter?
With today being the first day of Spring, surely there was something about Winter that was great....mmm trying to think.

The frost burnt plants? NO!

The coughs, sniffles, sneezes and wheezes? Not a chance!

Wearing winter woolies, the shorter days and getting up on cold mornings? Definitely NOT!

The misty mornings? Maybe

Winter vegies. Yes.
I’ll miss growing peas and spinach and big fat tomatoes. We are lucky to be able to grow a much wider range of vegies during winter, but now it's time to plant new crops and welcome Spring.

All around the garden there are signs of new life. The garden loves Spring.

Lots of buds on the little magnolia.

Welcome Spring - we love you!!!


  1. Oh, wow, I wish I could title my post the same way! Winter won't be here for a few months yet, but it will be here soon enough. It's plain to see our winters are a whole lot different since the only thing that grows in WI during the winter is the heating bill, the snowbanks and the icicles. I think your climate is just about perfect.

  2. Yes, I think we are a bit mean, moaning about our Winters (you more so than least it is cold in Victoria) when our blogging friends in the Northern Hemisphere have REAL winters. But roll on spring!

  3. Hooray! So happy spring is officially here!

  4. Our shorter and cooler days have begun. Seemingly perfectly timed for the first day of the first -ber month.

  5. The magic of spring, and it's already on your doorstep! A busy time of the year preparing the garden, but lovely nevertheless :)

  6. I too won't miss Winter altho those misty mornings are SO beautiful.... Happy Summer!

  7. Hi Missy, you certainly have very different schedules than the rest of the world, haha! So you have almost the same schedule with Bernie. Here in our country we are just starting to have colder temps, which culminate in Dec and Jan when most other countries have their winters.

  8. Missy, I ADORE your winter woolies... and the misty mornings don't look half bad either. I'd love to know what seeds your are sowing for spring, I have eggplant, corn and capsicum and then I just draw a blank!

  9. Hi Missy, do you like veges? My pals in my garden-Major, Potsie, and Niki will spit out any vege they find in their food. Can you ask Ros what I should do about this?


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