Monday, 3 October 2011

Afternoon Tea for the Ladies

We didn't eat all the muffins I baked and they had gone a bit stale. Around here between the compost bins, worms, dog and chooks, not a lot gets thrown in the rubbish bin. The ladies appreciated the muffins.

Flo was in there first

She loved the berry topping

Dorrie and Ginger couldn't work out how to turn theirs over

Gladys to the rescue

Not often they share - usually one will run off with the prize and the others chase - but today they used their best afternoon tea manners.


  1. The ladies certainly seem to have enjoyed their muffins for afternoon tea. Such wonderful table manners.

  2. and here I was thinking about sharing afternoon tea in your garden with you!

  3. Gladys! Now there is a name. i may have to keep that for a new chook...if you don't mind me pinching if. LOL

  4. Loved this!! Thanx for sharing. x

  5. With your title i never thought of this, haha, your ladies are so big. They nevertheless, looks like our native chicken. We have lots of them too, my mother's pets. They roam around and also eat the leaves of some of our plants, or enter the back door to pick the leftovers of the cats. But when they are still young, they have been preyed by monitor lizard, python or crows. Mother is always alert when she has chicks.

  6. Hello Missy; the same scenario in my chook yard. Nothing spoils in my kitchen. The chooks love a change of diet too, Yours look very nice and sweet how daintily they enjoy the treat.♥Titania.

  7. Oh, your girls are really minding their manners with their lovely muffins. Ours love to grab the leftovers and hightail it around the yard with everyone in hot pursuit. Your hens were having a Refined Tea Party. How cute!

  8. This was a fun post. I feed our chickens leftover tortillas, but their favorite is whole wheat bread. They'll jump a foot off the ground to eat it out of my hand.
    David/ Tropical Texana :-)


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