Thursday, 24 November 2011

These guys know how to party.

Last night there was a noisy party in our backyard. Lots of loud music and singing out of tune.
John went out armed with a torch to find the culprits.

Doesn't he look innocent? He's not. 

He was on his way to the party of the year in our pond.
It was about to start raining. Usually time to head indoors - but not for these guys. There hadn't been any rain for weeks so the local frog population were celebrating with a vengeance.

  "Party at my place! Tell your mates!"

The call was going out at full volume. Notice how this green frog has taken on the colour of the pot. I'm guessing he's the host.

"Mind if I take a dip? Nice pond."

"Well hello sweetheart. Do you come here often? Can I get you a drink?"

They partied into the wee hours of the morning as the rain poured down.
It was great. Noisy, but great.


  1. Isn't it terrific to hear the frog calls again? I know just how noisy they can be when the decent rains come. We haven't heard too many frogs singing around here yet, but we have finally had a decent fall of rain just yesterday.

  2. This was a fun post to read.
    I love these sounds as well.
    With our drought this year, one of the first things I missed were the toads and thier call. We did get one good rain and it was enough for them to have a party and some babies. Life goes on. David/:-)

  3. I just found your web site for the first time and I think it is marvelous

  4. Our backyard has been pretty noisy lately as well, what with the frogs and the bats. the tropics is never quiet.

  5. I love this post! As soon as I saw the bird perched on your solar panel and the frog pix I thought how much I've missed your blog!! Too much work = not enough play! I put in a small pond in October designed just for frogs. I really hope they show up this spring. We used to have lots of frogs in the creek across from my house, but the people in my neighborhood use so much damn fertilizer the creek and pond are full of algae and the water is almost dead. No more frogs. But I do have lots of toads so I have faith the frogs will show up, too.

  6. Such an interesting post. You know Im partial to frogs. I love the idea of them having a party and the camaraderi is evident as seen in the last photo.


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