Friday, 9 December 2011

Flowers for Friday

The start of Summer brought rain and cooler temperatures to South East Queensland. We've been wearing jumpers, getting back into the Winter PJs and snuggling under the blankets - weird for December.
Even though the temperature doesn't feel like Summer, throughout the garden, many of the warm weather plants are beginning to flower.
The frangipanis love this time of year.

 Most of our frangipani are grown from cuttings but now (after 5 years) can be called trees. They are one of the easiest plants to grow from a cutting and come in so many different shades, it's tempting to have one or two of every colour.

 The deep red is a bought one. I couldn't resist it when I came across it in a nursery. Even though I love the colour, I'm guessing it's some sort of hybrid because it doesn't flower as well as the old types and is the first to show signs of distress if it isn't given ideal growing conditions.

The pentas are doing well. I planted them as a "filler" but I think they've earnt a permanent spot in the garden.

 The ixora are just starting to bloom

Justica loves the rain we've been getting lately

Hibiscus are blooming throughout the garden.
They flower on and off for most of the year.

The real heat and humidity lovers are just starting to come out of hybernation. 

  the first heliconia bloom  of the season
 the first canna bloom

The shell ginger just starting....

The curcumas are coming up

The Beehive gingers are coming up too (not quite flowers yet)

Many of the bromeliads flower at this time of year as well

I love the way they form their own little water garden.

I'm joining in Tootsie's Flaunt your Flowers Friday

an Australian site - Friday Floral Fotos


  1. You have some beautiful plants in your garden. Sure love the pink hibiscus.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I see many of my favs, including Pentas. If Pentas are blooming, you should be seeing butterflies, at least that is the case here.

  3. I thank you so much for linking in this week. It is an honor to host Friday's Flaunt and meet new friends and visit the regulars (who are like old friends) who share. I am always excited to tour each post and see the different flowers/ projects and garden art that everyone flaunts. It is a pleasure to tour and see all the gorgeous blooms...and I appreciate each and every link and comment! I have shared your post today with my facebook page for Tootsie Time. I hope you will link in again soon!
    ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.

  4. Your garden really looks very summer! It is amazing how in December the whole earth experiences different seasons, some are already buried in snow, others are just starting, and there you are in your summer! And we here just have the lowest temps for the whole year, courtesy of spillover winds from Siberia and Mongolia, but our vegetation still looks like your summer!

  5. You have so many lovely flowers - I would be flaunting them too!

  6. Missy, The frangipanis are fabulous! Love the hibiscus and heliconia too. Stunning!

  7. I can't believe how chilly it's been down there! I bet it's warmed up considerably by the time we're due to visit my eldest and my grandchildren for Christmas, lol!

    Lovely flowers in your post today. I see your Curcumas are flowering already. Mine haven't as yet, but they shouldn't be too far away now. I'm still waiting for my Shell Ginger to bloom. I just love those flowers.

  8. You have some of my favorites that I have tried in the past but can't grow now due to 3 cold winters in a row. Don't you just love the fragrance of frangipani? I can smell them right now.
    David/ :-)

  9. Beautiful flowers just the pick me up on a dark winter morning.

  10. Fantastic blooms especially those Frangipanis. And great to see the Shell Ginger flowering, something I have yet to see in person :)

  11. Oh, thank goodness for some flower pictures to swoon over! It's 9 degrees Fahrenheit here this morning and, with a brisk 20 mph 'breeze' blowing, way below freezing with the wind chill.

    Those frangipani are just stunning, the colors in the blooms with all the shades of pink, yellow, and they smell as good as they look? And all the different colors they come in, just beautiful. Your garden is a dream come true.

  12. Delightful photos of these tropical flowers!
    Thanks for participating in Floral Friday Fotos!

  13. A lovely post. You have a beautiful range of frangipanis. I have similar broms in flower at the moment, but my ixoras are still in bud, and I have never had much luck at all with getting heliconias to flower here. The only one that did was 'Red Christmas' so the dogs soon put paid to that and I think it is gone forever now.

  14. I love the curcumas flower, so beautifull,


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