Sunday, 29 January 2012

Happy Plants

When I lived at Trinity Beach, my evening walks were perfumed by the blooms from this common but wonderful plant.
I bought one for Missy's garden a few years back and now have a number of clumps. It is hardy, fast growing, attractive and grows readily from cuttings.
Although they flower each Summer in the tropics, ours (in S.E. Qld) had never flowered - until now. I was delighted when I walked outside a few days ago and smelt the familiar fragrance. Went looking and sure enough, my happy plants were flowering. What a bonus!

Dracaena fragrans 'Massangeana' is an essential in any tropical garden.

The flowers only last a couple of days but up close are as beautiful as their perfume.

They grow as tall as a small tree in the garden so the dead blooms will have to fall naturally. I can't reach them.

Happy plants are a common indoor plant. I have one in my office at work which survives in air-con and flourescent lighting with a weekly water and an occasional wipe to remove the dust. It doesn't seem quite as happy as the ones in my garden though.


  1. Unfortunately the four Happy Plants growing out in my garden don't flower every Summer. That's probably because we're not in a wet tropics area. In the eleven years since we moved here, all of the Dracaena fragrans have only flowered once! The perfume was brilliant! So glad to hear yours has flowered at last.

    1. Could be all the rain we've had lately that have helped our flower, I guess.

  2. My passionfruit vine grows up the neighbours happy plant (actually it is growing out of their compost heap!) I think it must be thirty feet high. The blooms do have a lovely smell, although some people here seem to be affected by the pollen.

  3. Happy Plants are superb! My parents used to call them Fortune Plants for some reason and their fragrance when in bloom is gorgeous :)

  4. We have lots of those in our area, and it is already a problem as every cutting tries to grow! I have already lined the end of the area and they are now tall, so we cut and the cuttings as well as the ratoons all grow, so there's a lot of them. And the older ones all flower every summer and we cannot anymore tolerate the fragrance. It is too much if you have a lot of plants. Yes, the flowers are beautiful, but everything is poison when too much. haha!


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