Friday, 3 February 2012

Flowers and Fertiliser - First Friday in Feb

The beehive ginger clump near our back patio is becoming huge. Might need to divide it and plant some in other parts of the garden after it finishes flowering.

 I don't recall the name of this ginger. I just call it the orange one.

We have had heaps of rain over the past couple of weeks. Not unexpected. This is our wet season.
The plants love it and I don't mind either, as long as there's a bit of time between showers to get out in the garden.  Gardening is great when it's cooler and overcast and the ground is wet.
Last weekend the entire garden got a good feed of pelletised fowl manure. With so much rain, I'm sure the soil nutrients needed a top up. We've also been buying mushroom compost by the trailer load to spread around the garden. It's quite economical and plants respond well.

The heliconias bloom at this time each year.  This is another plant that's been divided as the clumps got larger and is now in several spots around the garden.

These heliconias look like they need more fertiliser. They are quite a hungry plant during Summer.

I love allamanda. It grows happily along the fence with just a prune now and then to keep it from taking off into nearby trees.

We have a single and a double - plus a recently acquired pinkish one which hasn't flowered yet.

With all the rain the Murraya are blooming. They make a great close-up subject to practice depth of field.

Our big orange broms - Aechmea blanchetiana - are sending out flower spikes. The aim is to have a whole bed of these sun tolerant beauties. I started with one and keep spreading them as they set pups.

The self-seeded pawpaw trees are flowering as well.

In the rainforest area, the euodia are flowering. Butterflies and lorikeets love these flowers.

I'm looking forward to getting out in the garden this weekend to do a some weeding and trimming and maybe even some planting. More rain is forecast but hopefully it won't be too hot and there'll be some breaks between the showers. We may also get another load of mushroom compost to spread around.

Check out what flowers other people have in their gardens



  1. Beautiful selection of tropical plants and flowers. Looks like things just thrive where you are!

    Thank you for participating in Floral Friday Fotos.

  2. Hi Missy, you have a lot of plants! It's good you have a wide area as many of your plants are spreading vigorously, that's why i want to discard my yellow Heliconia which is like that in the photo, i will keep the H rostrata as it is easier to manage. Your beehive ginger is spreading well too, but it's lovely. That papaya is a male, so if you might as well cut it, but I agree the flowers are nice too.

    1. Oh dear Andrea, I'm hoping one of our other pawpaw trees are female. They haven't flowered yet. Otherwise I suppose they will be decoration only.

  3. You have a beehive forest there! - I don't have enough room to let mine spread that much. All your flowers are looking very healthy - I used a bag of mushroom compost once - thanks for reminding me - my plants enjoyed it too.

  4. Fabulous! I just love that bed of Aechmea and that lovely double Allamanda bloom! The Murrayas are all blooming around town here at the moment too and the perfume is wonderful.

    I think the name of that red Ginger is Hedychium coccineum, which we commonly call the Red Ginger Lily. It looks terrific!

    We had a Eudoia tree growing in our very first home in the suburbs. It certainly attracted a whole heap of birds, butterflies and bees! One was planted at our school a couple of years ago and it's now blooming and attracting all the pollinators too. It's a tree you don't see being planted that much any more, which is a real shame.

  5. Its lovely to see your stunning flowers on a cold frosty morning here in the UK. Your Allamanda is gorgeous.

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  7. Hi! This is the first time I have visited your beautiful blog and I think your garden is just spectacular! I am originally from QLD and Nth NSW, but I now live in Canberra...your flowers remind me of where I grew up!

  8. Beautiful garden and flowers, I'm a little envious of all your tropical plants, they don't do nearly as well where I am, in California. Thanks for sharing...

  9. Hi! Have been enjoying your terrific blog on your garden for a while now. Hopefully my tropical garden will look as good as yours one day. I am in the Brisbane area and was wondering where you source your mushroom compost as I am spending a fortune on small bags of it.

    1. Hi Joanne. We buy our mushroom compost from the local landscape supplier. SAPAR and Centenary Landscaping near us both have it at $50-55 per cubic metre. Half a cubic metre is a trailer load and goes a fair way.

  10. Beautiful tropicals. I hope my pinecone ginger looks as good as yours one day.

  11. Heliconias are an indoor plant here, but I hope to add to my collection of one. Yours are lovely.

  12. Ah...such beautiful tropical flowers. I wish I could grow Heliconias here. How many do you grow? There are some than can take cooler weather, but not much frost. One can grow in Houston.
    Are you getting enough rain? We are FINALLY in a rainy cycle and it is now too muddy for my chickens to go out of their pen. First time in a year. :(
    I love your tropical garden look. One tiny request...if you can, would you post some more pics of your gorgeous palm trees for all of us to see?
    Thanks. :0)
    David/:0) Tropical Texana

  13. Miło oglądać inne kwiaty w ogrodzie niż u nas rosną.Dziękuję za możliwość popatrzenia na nie. Pozdrawiam. *** Nice to see other flowers in the garden than ours are growing. Thank you for the opportunity popatrzenia them. Yours.

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