Monday, 20 February 2012

My garden is on the nose

If you put your face very very close to the screen, I'm sure you will be able to smell these beautiful ginger blooms.

Come a bit closer.

How about now?

What about this one?
It has a slightly different fragrance.

Well it's a pity.

The fragrance is divine.


  1. The fragrance of Hedychium is indeed divine, heavenly! Lucky enough to know how lovely the scent is :)

  2. Oh I know - I love the smell of those flowers! I had them in my garden and then they disappeared - I must have weeded them out in a weeding frenzy. I recently discovered that the lesser galangal a friend gave me last year has the same scented flowers though - food and flowers - that's what I like!

  3. Oh Missy, even if I am about 2ft away from the screen i can favorable smell it. Even at a distance of several meters, it is still very strong! haha, that is because i know it so well. However, some plants i had were forgotten under some shades, together with some ginger species, and I am not anymore familiar which one is the Hedychium there. We call it "kamya" here!

  4. Owwww! I'm too far away :( I have never seen or smelled or touched one before tell me is it sweet, whats it like? It is stunning though.

  5. You're teasing me!
    Hedychiums...heaven on earth.
    Only a few Frangipani come close.
    Hedychium coronarium (white)....great
    Hedychium gardnerianum (yellow) very favorite of all!

  6. Ohhhh! I can't quite smell them! Never stopped to think about whether they smell actually. So what is it like? Is it gingery?

  7. I love their scent, it is delicious, so fresh, so fine, how does one explain it?


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