Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Ipswich Plant Expo

On Saturday we went to the Ipswich Plant Expo.
In past years the local garden clubs have held a plant sale but this year, for the first time, it was moved to the local race track and promoted as a gardening event, with sponsors and commercial stall holders and guest speakers. They even had a website.
We decided to go early and maybe pick up a few plants, or at least see what it was like. 

It was all about the plants. There were some stalls selling local craft and food and drink stands but mainly plants. We were in gardening heaven. 

Many of the stands were from specialty nurseries

- bromeliad growers, a fern nursery, gingers and heliconias, cottage plants, herbs and vegetables. If it grows in South East Queensland I'm guessing you would have found it.

My favourite magazine Subtropical Gardening were one of the main sponsors/promoters and had a stand. The editor of the magazine lives not far from us (in the same suburb) and is a horticulturalist, as are all of the magazines contributors. If you like tropical or sub-tropical plants check out their website. They even have pdf versions of the magazine.

We ran into gardening friends laden up with plants and compared notes on where the best bargains could be found.

Sorry about the quality of the photos. I was so focussed on all the  wonderful plants that I only remembered the camera after I had arms full of plants.  
I'm hoping it becomes an annual event and by the the crowd that was there I'm guessing it will.

We bought some ginger plants, including an edible Thai ginger and galangal, some virena rhododendrons, justicas, a king fern, a birds nest fern with snakeskin looking fronds, some alocacias and a couple more broms (because you can never have too many).

 We also got a nesting box for microbats. We've had them set up camp in our large shade umbrella so thought they needed a home of their own. They are the cutest little creatures (~ 2 inches long) and feed on insects, so why wouldn't you want them living nearby.

and what do you do after such an event?
Come home and get stuck into cleaning out the garden.
and getting mushroom compost to dig through and prepare the soil for the new plants.


  1. Lucky thing. Looked like it was well worth it. We have those microbats up here too. Aren't they just the cutest little things? Sometimes they roost downstairs under our house and unfortunately leave a bit of a mess. At those times, I'm not such a big fan! I'll be looking forward to seeing photos of your new plants when they're established and flourishing, especially those Virena Rhodos!

  2. There's going to be a huge flower and garden festival near me in 6 wks and I can hardly wait! Your expo looks wonderful. I've never heard of a microbat but they sound wonderful! Bats here are dying from a killer fungus. It's really sad. PS - There's nothing lazy or spoilt about you or your garden!! Just different opportunities for different climates. :o)

  3. Hi
    Just been looking at you blog and am impressed. Did not know about feedjit so I have just installed that on my blog.
    I have two garden blogs, have opened our garden for past 10 years. Ours is a tropical garden at Birkdale.
    here are the links:

  4. Oh what fun! that mushroom compost looks divine! I am sure all your new plants will be very happy.

  5. It looks like even if Australia has low population, it seems like everybody went there for the plant show! It looks populated! What is a microbat, haven't heard of it. You had a lot of purchases. From the last orchid show i went to, i didn't buy even one.

  6. You must have been busy planting your new treasures. I have to take a note when this event happens for next time; my daughters and I we love to go to garden shows, we never have to many plants! You got a nice selection. Now comes the time to spend in the garden, glorious autumn.

  7. Looks like a great haul! And it's good to hear that the fair was still mainly about plants. I always enjoy looking at photos of plant fairs from all over the world!

  8. is it all the compost from your garden?

  9. Looks like a productive day for you. Microbats? I'm not sure how to handle them. And mushroom compost? I certainly learnt a lot today!

  10. You should add 'Tropical Flowering Plants' , by Kirsten Llamas to your book collection. It is my bible. Kirsten also has a web site at also visit Maureen Simons site


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