Sunday, 15 April 2012

April's Flowers

The weather here in Autumn is like Forrest Gumps' box of chocolates - You never know what you'll get next. This week we had one day where the maximum was 30C, another with a minimum of 9C and today we woke to rain. It's all quite normal for this time of year. Winter and Summer are battling out for supremacy. Eventually Winter will win but Summer's not giving up without a fight.

Just after the sun came up this morning I braved the rain (actually just drissle), put on my plastic gardening crocs and checked out what's flowering for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.

The garden reflects the changing of the seasons. Some of the Summer blooms are trying to hold on while the Autumn/Winter blooms are just beginning.

Many of the frangipani have finished flowering and are dropping their leaves ready for Winter. These perenial ones will also lose most of their leaves as the days get shorter and the weather cools.

The heliconias will soon need to be cut back to ground level and given a warm blanket of thick mulch for the Winter, but for now we are still enjoying their blooms.

Each stem flowers only once then dies, so we are kept busy at this time of year cutting everything back and mulching.

 Strelitzia Reginae
Unlike the heliconias, strelizia don't seem to notice the seasons. They just keep flowering for most of the year given enough food and water.

 Golden candles Pachystachys lutea seems to keep a few blooms for most of the year too. I have been waiting for it to stop flowering to prune, but I'm still waiting.

This is one of the justicas I bought at the Ipswich Plant Fair. I haven't worked out their peak flowering period yet.

Our bauhinia corymbosa was cut back quite hard a while ago but you wouldn't know it. There are buds everywhere so it will soon be a mass of flowers again.

The ixoras have almost finished blooming. There's just a flower here and there rather than a mass of blooms.

The calliandra is loving this rain.

Some of the bromeliads have created their own little water gardens.

We have a couple of Autumn flowerers that are at there best this time of year. I should add more so there is year round "interest".

Brazilian Red Cloak
(No close-up. I wanted to keep out of the rain as much as I could) 

 tibouchina alstonville

Dichorisandra thyrsiflora
We call this plant blue ginger but it's not a ginger at all. It does look like one though. It behaves like a ginger to some degree as well, liking lots of moisture and shade, but unlike gingers it flowers in Autumn and grows from stem cuttings.

I could be wrong but I think this bromeliad is a billbergia pyramidalis. That's it at the top of the page but I thought it deserved closer inspection. Isn't it beautiful?

With Spring in full swing in the Northern Hemisphere I'm looking forward to seeing lots a beautiful blooms via GBBD hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens

I'm also linking to Nick's Floral Friday Fotos from Australia (a little belately - sorry Nick). 


  1. Happy Sunday Missy. I love your description of your weather now! How i wish we have something like that at the moment, so we will not be trapped in this heat! We have lots of plants in common, but at the moment yours are looking so lush and beautiful. Ours are dwindling with the heat, except for the Heliconias, Pachystachys, Ixoras. I haven't seen that blue ginger here yet, maybe it is sub-tropical. How do you like my gree-brown shrimp? haha.

  2. No rain up here, but occasionally we do get overcast days. You have still got a lot going on. Blue Gingers are wonderful. I haven't had much luck growing them up here though. I'm still trying one in a pot out in the shadehouse. Fingers crossed it will flourish.

    Love that Bauhinia! I can't wait to see all those buds in bloom. I also love your white Calliandra. I haven't seen one up here in the nurseries for ages. I'll keep looking though. Every time I see a photo of yours, I'm reminded about it!

  3. wow!!!!! you certainly know your flowers. I am loving your blog. when I was young in Borneo, we used to pick out the Ixora and suck the sweet nectar. do you do it in OZ?

  4. A lovely selection of flowers, Missy! Walking in the autumn subtropical garden is like discovering a treasure trove of colours and shapes.

    Thank you for participating in Floral Friday Fotos!

  5. What a fabulous journey through your garden! It looks like you have a paradise there! I know it is a lot of work, but the pleasure you must get from seeing all of those lovely blooms is worth it, I am sure! Just beautiful!

  6. Great pictures of your tropical flowering plants.
    Love the Brazilian Red Cloak (Megaskepasma erythrochlamys). Noticed the flowering bush during my vacation in the Caribbean. All my pictures can be viewed here:
    Please take a look.
    Thanks Gisela.

  7. Ah, fantastic variety of flowers! I so enjoyed my visit to your garden.

  8. aloha,

    your garden is beautiful, thanks for the tour...its interesting that your frangipani leaves are falling and ours are just coming out here in Hawaii. love the brom you mentioned above, hopefully someone can ID it for you?

  9. Happy Bloomdya to you! I enjoyed your collection of exotics. They seem to be "soaking up" the rains and enjoying it. We had a stormy Bloomday here in California as well, though it was more wind than rain. Still, hard to photograph.

  10. I also had to venture out into the rain to take photos - so glad it was lovely over Easter though. I love this time of year when the humidity slows down.

  11. Such beautiful shots! Thank you for sharing your lovely garden.

  12. Stunning selection of exotics blooms as always! Love 'em!

  13. Hi Ros (& Missy :)), love your blog & all your amazing posts! I am so fascinated that, here in South Florida, we have a lot of the same plants you have there. Can't wait to see & hear more about your wonderful tropical paradise! Keep up the great work!

    Best wishes,

  14. I love looking at pics of your garden. It is so similar to my own, when you talk about the plants I can really relate :)

  15. I love looking at your garden. We grow the same plants! I feel like I'm ready about my own garden's "sister" :)


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