Monday, 30 April 2012

Planting the Winter Crops

Over the last couple of weekends we've finally got of our veggie garden ready and planted some cooler weather crops. After a lot of procrastination, and excuses like rainy weather and busy weekends, work has gone into clearing the beds, digging through compost and fertiliser (blood & bone and potash are my staples) and planting. Garden beds with seeds planted in them are not the most interesting photographic subject, I know, but I had to record the event. Seeds were sown for snow peas. Garlic was planted. Shallots and broccholi are in, and some more lettuce as well.
Winter is my main growing season. There'll be more to plant yet, but it's a good start.

I moved some self seeded tomato plants which I'm guessing/hoping are cherry tomatoes to the base of their climbing frame - also bought some Roma tomato seedlings which look very small and frail next to their stakes.
This year, for our potatoes, we are trying something new. We are using the compost bin squares John made from old pallets to create a raised potato bed. We'll build it up as needed over the next couple of months by adding more squares on top of this one.

...and speaking of procrasinating...I finally planted out the rosella seedlings. I hadn't forgotten them. I just hadn't got around to planting them in the garden. They've been growing away in a seedtray in the greenhouse since January. They must be a hardy plant because although the poor things are very leggy, all twenty were still alive and a few had started to flower. Maybe they'll forgive me and I'll be making rosella jam sometime soon.


  1. I was just asking someone when rosella were supposed to flower - mine are quite big bushes now, but no flowers yet. It is nice to get out into the garden at this time of year, and it looks as though you have been busy.

  2. It's nice isn't it when you're still able to do some gardening in the winter :)

  3. My very first teeny Rosella looks like it's about ready to bloom too. I've been amazed at the way the poor thing has stood up to my almost total neglect and mistreatment since I received it as a pass-along last year. Obviously they are on tough plant. I hope the new potato bed works out well.


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