Thursday, 5 April 2012

Recycling - the Circle of Life

Not only does recycling and composting save money on fertilisers and make good sense environmentally, it can produce wonderful bonuses in the garden.
Because John brings home scraps from the fruit and vegetable shop near where he works, our ladies get a wide diet of fruits and vegetables and we have unexpected plants self-seed from time to time. Pumpkin and tomato plants are common, but we've also had passionfruit and pawpaw and occasionally melons.
 A while back, about a dozen pawpaw plants came up in the garden. We pulled out all but two that were positioned where they would look good even if they never bore fruit.

The trees are now a bit over 2 metres tall and by good luck, not good management, we have a male tree and a female tree - so we have fruit.

This is the proud father

When you buy a pawpaw plant at a nursery it is bisexual, but the self-seeded ones (I have learnt) only have either male or female flowers - so we were fortunate to have one of each growing next to each other.
Hopefully, the fruit will be nice to eat, but if we don't like them I'm sure the chickens will enjoy the feast...and so the circle continues.
...and speaking of things the chickens love to eat, sometimes I grow things especially for them.

Have a wonderful Easter everyone! 


  1. Good for you growing pawpaw in your climate, they look tasty. I think my biggest weeds that grow out of the compost are pawpaw and passionfruit. Your sunflower looks lovely and cheerful. Happy Easter to you too!

  2. It's nice to have cherished plants now that were accidentally introduced as part of recycling. Wishing you all a wonderful Easter :)

  3. Wish I could grow paw paws! Aren't plants fascinating?

  4. Your chickens are so lucky to have you! I recycle my kitchen waste with my worms. They're not quite as cheerful as chickens but they're good workers. :o)


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