Monday, 23 April 2012

Succulent planter wall

Quite some time ago I saw a block wall succulent planter on Pam Penick's blog Digging. She had the instructions for construction. I showed John and he agreed it would go well along the edge of our paved area. It's taken us a while but its finally contructed. Thank you Pam and John.

It's not quite finished though.
Now I'm on the lookout for succulents to plant in it.
Because I don't want them to dry out too quickly and bake, we will make little wire baskets for each of the holes, but leave the plants in pots.

I'm going to need 15 plants and currently have 5. That means a few trips to nurseries or markets. I'm sure I'll cope.

Until recently, I haven't been very interested in succulents. That's what blogging does. Seeing some beautiful and creative ways succulents are used in other gardens has sparked my interest. Once this project is finished there may be more.


  1. I saw that too and thought it looked lovely - so glad you had the room for one. Funny thing blogging isn't it? there always seem to be a million projects I want to try.

  2. I love your wall. It has perfect pockets for succulents.

  3. That's one of the beauties of blogging, you pick up so many ideas along the way as you read others :) Looking forward to the progress pics later on!

  4. I've never been that interested in succulents, either, but recently bought a jade plant for a pot with large drainage holes. Every time I walk past the pot, it seems odd to see it in my garden, as if it wandered in and never left. I think I like it. :o)

  5. Good ideas are always worth stealing! With my shade I might have to use ferns and, for summer display, bromeliads but the concept is already sparking ideas in my gardening brain.

  6. A very good idea to borrow. You did a good job. Its good to have some plants which trail down to soften the whole concrete structure.

  7. aloha,

    i love the idea and with succulents its even better...i'm also in the process of creating a bed with succulents and broms, aren't spring projects great?


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