Monday, 14 May 2012

Developments in the vegie patch

Progress is noticable with the seeds planted a couple of weeks ago

The snow peas look like healthy little soldiers lined up for parade. We had a week or so of fairly constant rain after they were planted so were very pleased when they all came up.

The broccholli is growing like mad. I tried the purple variety this year - just for something different. Behind them on the trellis are some snap peas and some garlic next to them.

Our little Lots-a-Lemons tree has lots-a-buds.
I'll remove most of them and just leave a couple to develop to fruit because it's still a very young tree.

The other older citrus trees are covered in fruit.

The lemons are starting to ripen. I heard somewhere they need a cold snap to really do well.
We've given away buckets full of limes already and they keep producing. Lucky there are so many wonderful recipes needing limes.

There are other developments as well.
The vegie patch has always been my territory. John constructed the beds and pathways between them for me. He has watered it for me and helped dig through compost sometimes but it’s been MY area.
He hasn’t exactly scoffed at my obsession with growing food but he hasn't shown all that much enthusiasm either. I think he would prefer we bought our vegies from the supermarket rather than the many hours I put into raising them from seed, particularly when my efforts result in a less than spectacular harvest.
One of the problems we have is that I very rarely mark what I've planted and I will plant half a row of something and the other half of the row will be different - like the half row of carrots and half row of parsley. John swears parsley and carrots look the same until you pull them up.

But now he is retiring and has more time to garden, it was John who planted the snow peas and the potatoes, and it’s John who is checking the progress of the seedlings.

He's already given the potatoes another layer of compost and hay and it's now John who is dragging me out to the vegie patch to show off his babies.

It won't be a complete role reversal but there are obviously going to be some changes. He’s going to have to learn to recognise the plants and I am going to have to learn to share my vegie patch.


  1. The veggies are all looking good. I also tried some new veggies this year - one being Tokyo bekana a type of Japanese vegetable. Suddenly now they are all coming up I thought I better research some recipes! Lucky you with an excess of limes. I just picked our first one, and it was the most delicious lime I ever tasted.

  2. Your vegie garden is looking good. The snow peas look very strong.
    I did giggle over the parsly looking like carrots.


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