Sunday, 20 May 2012

Signs that Winter's on its Way

Misty mornings

A very chilly swimming pool

Lemon blossoms

Missy in her coat curled up in a sunny spot

Me in my new slippers
They have little wheat packs you can heat in the microwave.
Apple crumble and cream for dessert tonight.


  1. Ooo, chilly! I'd pop in for some of that delicious apple crumble is I lived just a little closer, lol! Not quite so chilly up here just yet. I'm so glad to see you keeping snug and warm, Missy ... and Missy's owner.

  2. It looks lovely, Ros. I'm looking forward to a bit of cool when I get home next month.

  3. Gosh I am quite happy with our slightly cooler temperatures, but no need for slippers, or anything that drastic. that apple crumble looks good.

  4. Those mists looks atmospheric, love the slippers (looks so comfy!), and crumble looks yummy! And Missy looks adorable in her jumper :)

  5. Hello Ros, it's been far too long that I've visited. Winter is on its way to your home and summer is just around the corner here. I love the misty morning shots of your gorgeous garden and swimming pool. I never knew lemon blossoms were so pretty.

    I love the slippers, oh, they look so comfy and little Missy all curled up in the sun looks just like my two little doggies, too.

    The apple crumble must have been delicious, I can almost smell it baking from here!

  6. Your slippers look familiar;-]
    Heating up here as it cools down for my Aussie friends.
    But the misty mornings look a bit familiar to this Bay Area gardener!
    So much wind yesterday, I must spend the morning cleaning my garden of fallen debris.
    Stay cozy!
    aka Bay Area Tendrils

  7. Mist, coats and slippers, apple crumble, could almost be Canberra!

  8. I love your blog and your pictures are beautiful.

  9. As I head into the heat of summer, your post makes me appreciate the joys of winter. I love that first misty photo.


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