Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Magic Long Weekend

The second weekend in June has always been the Queen's birthday long weekend. From this year it's been moved to October and we had this weekend to celebrate the jubilee as an extra day off. (A bonus for living in a place called Queensland I think). By the way, I'm not sure when the Queen's actual birthday is, but I suspect it's not in June or October.
We made the most of the break and booked a couple of nights at O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat in the Lamington National Park.

I need a rainforest fix from time to time. It's the best way I've found to re-charge the batteries.

Since Saturday was also our anniverary we decided to stop off on the way for lunch at the nearby winery.
The winery is at the base of the mountain in the Canungra Valley.
We had been there before for wine tasting and love their wines but had never had a meal there.

We chose a picnic basket of goodies including fresh baked bread and of course a bottle of local wine

and took it to a table down by the stream.

It was a beautiful day and hard to leave such an idyllic spot, but we had to move on.

As we drove up the mountain into the rainforest, it started to rain. Not much of a surprise really - that's why they're called rainforests. It was a wet weekend, but the rain didn't bother us.

In fact, rain makes the forest shimmer and sparkle.

The fungi were amazing.

We went on a few different short walks, but stayed clear of the 25 km ones.
The canopy walk is quite near the guesthouse.
It gives you a different view of the forest.

Looking down...
....instead of up.

We met a few of the locals as well. Just near our room, was a bird feeding area. The local parrots are so used to human contact they have no fear.
They will eat out of your hand and climb on your shoulders or head.

These guys are not camera shy at all.

Then, of an evening, you can warm up by sitting by the fireplace reading a book - or just sitting.
This place is about 2 hours drive from where we live.
No wonder I love living in Queensland.


  1. Oh gosh that looks like a perfect place for a relaxing weekend. That picnic lunch looks superb. We had quite a warm weekend - in fact we even braved the pool for a couple of laps. Yup Queensland is a great place to live. I didn't realize we were getting an extra holiday in October - yippee!

  2. We could do with some rainforest fix ourselves, alas it won't be until next year now. Happy Anniversary to the both of you, looks like you had a lovely, relaxed time in such an ethereal looking place :)

  3. Now that was a fabulous long weekend!!! Congratulations you two on your anniversary. It looks like you had the most marvellous time. That picnic lunch looked divine, and the rainforest did indeed look magical. There is something about rainforests isn't there? They somehow lift your spirits and just gladden the heart.

  4. What a delightful place to celebrate your anniversary! While reading, I was thinking how nice the rain must sound as it falls and hits the leaves in the forest...a sound that would be very welcome around these parts. Thanks for sharing your photos, it looks like a wonderful place.

  5. Congratulations on your anniversary, and what a beautiful place you selected for your getaway. I haven't been up to O'Reilly's for years, but you have made me impatient to revisit.

  6. Happy anniversary! What a gorgeous place to spend it! Love the fungi. Would look awesome in your succulent wall.

  7. Looks wonderful!! I am way overdue for a vacation and wish I could pop myself there right now. Happy anniversary! What a fabulous way to spend it.

  8. Happy Anniversary!
    Many years ago my in-laws took us for a drive in the hinterland and we stopped briefly at O'Reilly's. I remember those birds, not shy at all!

  9. Looks wonderful! I have never been to a rainforest, but each time I see photos I get the dream that someday we will go. Our closest rainforest is probably southern Mexico or Costa Rica.
    Amazing that you could feed birds like that.


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