Monday, 4 June 2012

A Quick Check on the Vegie Patch

What a dismal wet weeekend. With the shorter days over Winter, the only chance I have to be out in the garden is on the weekends, so I look forward to getting my hands in the dirt. This weekend it rained almost constantly, so no gardening got done. Then, of course, Monday morning is here and clear blue skies. Ggrrr!!!

I did race out in a short break between showers to check on the progress of the vegie patch.

John has built the potato tower higher. There's plenty of drainage so they should survive the downpour and give us a good harvest in a few weeks.

The snow peas are growing well. No flowers yet, but they look healthy. The strawberries planted in front of them are doing well also.

The garlic is looking good. I only bought one bulb so I'm pleased that every clove seems to be shooting. Probably should have pulled that weed out while I was there instead of just taking photos.

The lettuce are ready to harvest. We had one in a salad for lunch on Sunday. I've scattered more seed around the bed but I'm not confident any will come up. They were seeds left over from last year so may not be any good.

No such problem with the rocket. I was a bit heavy handed with the seed so I'll need to thin them out a bit.
There's a row of bok choy on the other side of this bed at about the same stage.

The broccolli is growing well. Something is having a nibble, but no real damage. Behind them are snap peas, not growing as quickly as the snow peas but OK. John fertilised during the week so that should give them a boost.

Chives, spring onions and Italian parsley. I've planted a few more spring onion seeds two weeks ago but they haven't come up yet. I planted curly parsley seed as well and it hasn't come up either. Maybe they were washed away or rotted away with all this rain.
I'd also planted some seed trays with silverbeet, spinach, beetroot and kale and put them in the greenhouse. Nothing there yet either.

Coriander does well in Winter here. In Summer it bolts to seed too quickly or shivels in the heat.

Comfrey loves this rain. John has been harvesting leaves to add to the compost bin. The red flowers nearby are pineapple sage. I let it grow wild in this area.

A touch of colour starting to appear on the grape tomatoes. They are in a raised bed with lots of added compost so will hopefully survive the drenching without any harm.
Next weekend is a long weekend - 3 days off, so I'm hoping for fine weather.


  1. wow you have tomatoes already? Lucky you. I have had a terrific problem this year with wilt and think it may be the excessive rain. We got sunshine starting Sunday and have been really enjoying it. I also get very frustrated when it rains all weekend and the sun shines when I am at work!

  2. That is a really tall planter you got there! It looks like a potato pedestal, haha! But they are looking healthy and happy the way they are, you can look forward to a bounty fruits of your labor!


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