Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Succulent Wall Progress

I've been collecting succulents to add to my wall and although I'm not ready to admit to a new obsession just yet. I do think it's a possibility. There are so many different forms, each with its own interesting pattern and colour.
We decided to leave the plants in pots rather than plant directly into wire baskets so they can be moved and rearranged from time to time. I've also decided to add some extra pots around and in front of the wall.

There's still a couple of spaces yet to fill. It's a work in progress (like most of our garden).

But, even before it's finished, I'm thinking of other succulent projects.
Mark and Gaz (Alternative Eden) showed us a huge succulent bowl. I loved that idea.
Maybe a grouping of pots near the vegie garden or at our front entrance?
I have some empty bonsai pots that would make interesting mini-gardens....

I've already started propogating from my fledgling succulent collecton. I hope they multiply quickly.


  1. Succulents are beautiful but ever so slow to grow.
    Good luck in your project - can't wait to see your progress.

  2. That looks really nice! I have never been a huge fan of succulents - they seem way more expensive than they should be - propagating your own sounds like a great idea. they seem as though they would be very slow growing though - are they?

  3. It's easy to be creative with succulents especially most of them prop so easily. Looking forward to seeing the progress of your succulent wall, I do like the idea and how you've done it so far! That succulent bowl is fantastic isn't it? And funny enough it's from an Australian stand :)

  4. Oh no! You know there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of those cute little guys. They can be VERY addictive. I don't have a succulent obsession any more due to my climate being wrong. I've grown ghost plant, kalanchoes, and jade with some success. But I still have an aloe and agave collection for the ones that can make it here. We have too much heat AND humidity at the same time for most of them. I like that collection you have.
    Have fun with them!
    P.S. I've just finished school,so I'm finally able to catch up with my blog friends. Congrats to your husband on his retirement.

  5. Love your succulent wall! Working on my own cactus and succelent collection as well and planning to start a garden with them soon!


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