Sunday, 1 July 2012

After a week of rain

I know our weather is actually milder here than in many parts of the world, but it doesn't stop me having a moan. Queensland is called the sunshine state and that's how I like it but this past week has been cold wet and miserable. The weekend was just the opposite - beautiful and sunny.

Great to get back outside, feel the sunshine and get some dirt on my hands. I know that the rest of the garden loves a good soaking, but was a bit worried about how the veggie garden survived the drenching.
I shouldn't have worried. The rain has been good for the garden. Most of the veggies are doing well. Even some of the lettuce seeds have come up. My theory is that they were waiting for the right conditions.

The Bok Choy and the rocket are powering ahead.

The parsley has even germinated and started to grow. I planted the seed about a month ago so thought it would never come up.

The spinach are doing OK too.

There are even some flowers on the snow peas.....

and the strawberries.

The broccoli looks healthy but hasn't started to form any heads yet.

The only thing that's not particularly enjoying the rain are the tomatoes. Their trellis fell over because the ground was so wet. They are starting to split, and I can see wilt. So much for growing them in a raised bed and hoping that would keep them safe from too much rain.

I'm hoping the potatoes will survive. I think we will be glad John made their tower so high. They look pretty good at the moment. The forecast is for fine weather now for a while, so they should be fine.

Everything is enjoying the sunshine today.



  1. I have been amazed by the rain in Brisbane; I assumed this time of year was dry for you there. In Sydney our temps have been way below normal.

    The first plant is beautiful, is it a Bauhinia?

    1. You are right Adam. It's bauhinia corymbosa - a climbing form. It flowers all through the year to some degree.

  2. Your garden looks like it's doing great. Rain is a problem for tomato plants, especially once they have fruit on them. They only like their roots to get soaked. I am planning on growing tomatoes in containers with a roof over them and just making sure there is plenty light. We are in the rainy season and I don't think our tomato plants like that much water on their leaves. Have a great day and may your garden give you lots of produce!!

  3. Hi Missy, it's good the malware in your site is already deleted by blogger. I've always seen it in the past everytime i try to open this, but i can't see your email add so i can tell you. Randy Emitt is like that too for a long time now. I almost emailed Bernie to tell you about the malware. Regarding the rain, yes if only we in the world can share our environmental conditions like temperature, humidity, rain or snow! But actually, it is already raining every afternoon in Metro Manila since June, but we still don't get our share in the province, and it is only 3hr from Manila.

  4. Your garden looks great. I hope your tomatoes survive. As gardeners, we want to enjoy the fruits & veggies of our labor.

  5. Your vegetables are doing fine. I don't seem to be able to plant vegetables without applying pesticides and fungicides, so I've actually given up.

  6. I know the feeling of having too much rain but glad to know the weekend was nice and sunny there (pretty much the same here last weekend). The plants are mostly looking fine despite the rains, bar the tomatoes but hopefully you'll still have lots of fruit left that haven't split from too much rain. Cross fingers for the potatoes :)

  7. This year has been quite strange, we have had a week or two of rain and then sunshine. The bugs have been bad this year though - I keep hoping some beneficial bugs are going to move in and gobble up the bad ones! I guess it hasn't really been cold enough to kill them off! I was even swimming over the weekend! Your rocket and bok choy is growing like crazy!

  8. Your veggies look amazing!!! Great job and it looks like the rain is helping from the pictures I see :-)

  9. While you and the UK have too much rain, we've been hot and mostly dry. Your veggies look great. Hopefully, the tomatoes will perk up when it warms up and dries out. I always get excited when my seeds sprout. They hold so much potential and excitement. :o)

  10. Le soleil après une semaine de pluie donne de beaux résultats. Bonne journée.


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