Sunday, 15 July 2012

July GBBD - Midwinter

We have hardly seen the sun for the last few weeks. There hasn't been heavy rain, just constant grey drizzle. On the positive side, I haven't needed to water the garden, but the negative is that I haven't got to enjoy it either. I went walking around the garden in search of blooms this morning during a break in the rain (which will hopefully turn into sunshine).There wasn't much I'm afraid. Even the old reliables that flower over Winter had very few blooms - but I found a few.

A couple of weeks ago these were a mass of blooms. Poinsettia usually flower right through winter, but not at the moment. There are very few of their colorful bracts. If you look closely at the top photo you can see brown blobs that used to be red.
Even the nasturtiums that self seed each year have no blooms.

The callistimon have a few flowers.

I started to wonder if I should give up on finding blooms.

Tibby had a couple of flowers but most were wilted from being too wet.

This hibiscus had a few flowers. Obviously it likes the rain.

Nice green leaves but not many flowers here.

At least the russellia can be relied on to flower no matter what the weather.

Lots of buds and only a few flowers here as well.

I was getting desperate. Any flower I saw was fair game for the camera.

Aha! A couple more blooms - on the justica this time.

I started thinking that my plants must be sulking because they're missing the sun.

Then when I was snapping a couple of bromeliad blooms I realized I have lots of plants in the garden that really love this weather and are flourishing.

My weeds are the healthiest they've ever been. Who said there were no flowers? This is just a selection.


To see some great blooms check out all the blogs that have joined Carol at May Dreams Gardens. I'm guessing though that none of them have such a big variety of weeds in bloom.



  1. Lol, yes the weeds would certainly be loving the rainy weather at the moment. The trusty Hibiscus, Russelis and Calliandras are blooming very well though. I just love your white Calliandra. I still haven't found on of those up here yet. Fingers crossed that old man sun comes out soon and helps the flowers to put on their best!

  2. Those lovely russellia flowers are so resilient! Despite us being on othersides of the world you seem to be having the same weather as us. I hope your soil dries out soon as I'm sure it's been quite a shock for the plants having all that moisture around the roots - they're too happy hence the reason for all that foliage.

  3. Beautiful!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!
    Sunday blessings to you!
    Lea's Menagerie

  4. Hi Missy, i felt bad i forgot about GBBD, so i just linked a flower I posted for Friday. Your flowers and even your weeds are the same with what we have here. Those weeds i am very familiar with. However, i wonder why your poinsetia is blooming, i thought it is a short-day plant, which flower in December!

    1. Andrea, we are upside down here. It's winter and we had our shortest day in June.

  5. I think you found some lovely blooms, thanks for sharing them. I didn't know that Justica is the shrimp plant - you learn something every day with blogging (well I do!) I don't mind the rain, but wouldn't mind it a bit cooler, since this is the only chance we get at calling it winter!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog. The pot of flowers you wanted to copy are impatiens and caladium. But maybe in Australia they go by the name of balsam?

  7. Nice collection of blooms. That white flower after the callistemon is great. Is it also a calistemon? I hardly ever see white ones in California, mostly just the red ones. It's much cooler than I would have thought a white bottlebrush could be. Cheers.

  8. Lovely blooms despite the grey day :) Poinsettia red bracts and Callistemon flowers at the same period, you definitely don't see that happening here in the UK (outdoors anyway) :)

  9. You have lots more happening bloom-wise than me, though my weeds are flourishing too.I definitely need to get out and weed and mulch. Isn't it nice to see the sun today, though it doesn't look like it will last long.

  10. i love that you posted a picture of your weeds! Your pointsettia is as big as a tree!! They're little Christmas plants here. I'll take your rain! Hot and dry here.


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