Monday, 23 July 2012

No shortage of greens

Finally we have had some sunny weather. The past weekend was typical winter weather for South East Queensland - beautiful.

The vegie garden is thriving (well most things are). The snow peas are finally flowering and producing. They've grown so tall I can't reach to pick the higher ones even on tip-toes. I'm wondering whether Jack purchased the seed from a man selling a cow and if they'll just keep growing up to the sky.

We're harvesting bok choy and rocket so lots of stir fries and "warm" salads. Both of these plants allow for continual harvesting. I just snip off what I need with scissors and they keep growing.

The spinach isn't ready to harvest just yet but it won't be long.

The silverbeet is coming along well too. Haven't had to use the irrigation system John installed.

I don't think the potatoes are going to produce anything this time. Even in their raised tower there was too much rain for them. They are starting to die back, which should signal harvest time, but I've dug around near the plants and all I can feel is soggy compost. We may need to rip them out and start again I think.
The tomatoes are suffering as well with too much rain. The Romas have tomato wilt and the trellis holding the grape tomatoes collapsed because of the soggy ground. Lots of tomatoes have formed but they are all splitting from too much water. With gardening I always seem to have some things that go really well and some that don't. The herbs are all healthy and everything else seems to be growing well, so I can't complain.
At least we will be eating enough greens this season.

We have plenty of eggs still being produced and more than enough lemons. They combine well in a lemon meringue pie.
This fine weather will hopefully continue now for a while and give the ground a chance to dry out and the gardeners a chance to get some work done.

Meanwhile, the chief garden supervisor is taking a little rest.


  1. Your greens are fantastic mine are pathetic! We have had such a poor summer. The only things thriving are weeds! Your snow peas are huge, and the Lemon meringue pie looks delicious.

  2. It's looking fabulous. I would say the chief garden supervisor deserves her rest after all that hard work!

  3. Good to hear you finally have some sunny weather :) And that lemon meringue pie looks so delicious!

  4. Missy, your veggies are looking great!
    I love snow peas but sadly they do not do very well here in our heat, so I have no choice but to buy the imported ones from the supermarket.
    Please save me a slice of that lemon meringue pie...looks delish.
    Brownie loves your little fold out cot, now I will have to search around for one for him too.....

  5. No wonder Missy needs a rest it seems she has been doing a good job. your vegetables look fantastic. My snow peas have all died off and look brown - I planted some more in different areas. All the tomatoes and cucumbers got wilt as well - I suppose all this rain made it worse. Oh well, planting the summer veggies now - Chokos and winged beans going in.

    1. Africanaussie, I hope your summer veggies do well for you...sorry about the ones that didn't make it.....gardening is a constant learning curve, but we all enjoy it don't we?

  6. Garden looks a great when it is full of greenery, your garden is giving eye catching view Fabulous work !

  7. I'll take a slice of pie, please!! :o) We're having the opposite problem here - dry as a dino bone. My water bill will be sky high. Your greens look fabuous!

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