Saturday, 28 July 2012

The green and gold

Along the roadside at the moment, the wattle is in bloom.

Our national flower is the golden wattle - Acacia pycnantha which grows in the southern states.
Our local wattles are related but different species - beautiful none the less with the distinctive wattle perfume. There are many different species throughout Australia and during Winter they tranform our bushland into green and gold.
They inspired Australia's sporting colours so it is fitting that they are blooming at the moment.

I awoke this morning to the amazing opening ceremony for the London Olympics. I loved the drama, the history, the music, the humour, the spectacle, the symbolism of the cauldron and the fact that all countries included female competitors.....the hope for the future. I loved every moment.

In contrast to many Australians, I'm not a sporting fanatic but I must admit the Olympics are something very special. Where else do we see all the countries of the world come together like this? Where else do we get the chance to share the moment when someone achieves a life-long dream?
I will be watching every chance I get.
I will probably shed a tear at some stage.
I will be one of millions and millions throughout the world doing the same.
....... and I will be cheering for the green and gold.


  1. Hi Missy, i don't think we have that Acacia here, but i only saw one in bloom in Turkey. In fact i don't know how it is called although i know it is a legume. I didn't smell the scent though. About 'green and gold' it is the trademark color of our university because it's former course when it started is Agriculture. Till now it is still the leading agriculture univ in the country. Happy viewing the Olympics.

  2. Beautiful Acacia bloom photos. The Acacias up here in the bushland have finished blooming now, so there are no splashes of gold around us at the moment.

    I didn't quite make it up in time to see all the Opening Ceremony this morning. I did get to see all the athletes marching into the stadium and that was fantastic. The Aussies sure did look like they were having a ball. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!!

  3. Beautiful yellow flowers and definitely a great sign that the team you are cheering will come home with many many GOLDS!!

  4. I've never heard of wattles. I thought that was the thing that hung down from a turkey's neck. Learn something new everyday. :o) When I watch the Olympics, I always cheer for the underdog. I like the unexpected wins best.

  5. Missy enjoy the Olympics....I cheer for Go Green and Gold!
    We have a tree here that looks like the wattle with yellow blooms also, so maybe it's distant cousin twice-removed.....hahahaha

  6. How appropriate that they are blooming now. I watched a bit while I was doing the ironing on Saturday morning, and also enjoyed the fanfare. Those kinds of things always bring tears to my eyes!

  7. I love Acacia blooms, so bright, cheerful, and delicate! Interesting to hear too that it inspired the sporting colours of Australia. Glad to hear you enjoyed the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics. Loved every moment of it too!

  8. I like acacia blooms too. Yes, the opening ceremony was wonderful. Thanks for your visit to my blog.

  9. The opening ceremony was amazing. The acacia blooms are gorgeous and so auspicious for Australia.

  10. Hello! I'm a proud Aussie too! I currently live in Melbourne but will be moving to Brisbane in September. I like gardening and am a beginner vegetable grower...but I know NOTHING about gardening in Brisbane so I will be a keen follower of your blog with hope that I can learn! TFS!

  11. Hi Missy you are a cutie, we have some acacia species flowering here at the moment too, they are beautiful.


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