Wednesday, 22 August 2012

I love a good harvest.

This is why I grow vegies - not just to look at them. I love being able to pick and eat food straight from my garden knowing that it is chemical free and fresh.

We have had quite a spell of dry weather this month and although the overnight temperature has been down as low as zero, the days have been warm and sunny (around 27 degrees C).

This spinach became....

Saturday's lunch. (Spinach and Feta Rolls)

This beauty (which I proudly grew from seed) became part of salad sandwiches
to take to work each day for lunch.

Some of the snow peas found their way into a green curry,

along with a couple of chillies,

and some spring onions.

Zucchini often features on the menu as well at this time of year.

Whatever herb a recipe calls for,  I love being able to say "I'll go pick some"


Oh you wanted the flat-leaf type. OK.

Maybe some Rosemary?

Things were slow getting going this year with all the rain and lack of sunlight we had in July, but the vegie garden is powering along at the moment. I hope this weather remains for a while longer so we can continue to enjoy the harvest. It's perfect weather for vegies.


  1. Gosh Missy a veggie wonderland...That spinach is a work of art you ought to frmae it!!

  2. I wondered how you had such big chillies at this time of year. Then realised, you're in Qld! Haha! You lucky northerners! Your food plants are looking very yummy.

  3. I agree with you about loving picking foods from the garden. Your lettuce is amazing - I really only seem to be able to grow the open leafed kind but they are tasty. what kind of spinach is that - Malabar? It looks as though this winter has been good in the veggie garden for you.

    1. Gillian, that is English spinach. We can only grow it for a short time in the middle of Winter. Once the days start getting hotter it will bold to seed and wither, but for now it's lovely.

  4. Hi missy, enjoy your vegies and the good weather, i don't have much room for vegies, but i do have a tomato plant in a pot, and i also grow rosemary for it's fragrance and parsley.

  5. I love all those lovely looking veggies. The spinach and feta wraps look delish too.
    I like the look of that spinach, the one we grow here is so different.
    My herb garden has basil (3 kinds), dill, rosemary, tarragon, thyme(2 types), oregano,,shallots, ginger, lemongrass, peppers and blue vervain. I'm hoping to grow so much more. It is a joy to just step outside and snip fresh herbs for a special dish.

  6. Those are some beautiful veggies you have there!

  7. Hi Missy, you are lucky for getting the best temperatures. Besides being good for vegies, time to garden is nicer with colder climes. Here with our hot temps, it is so difficult outside even during the rainy season. It is only colder when the sun is out and that is on rainy days. The last long weekend i wasnt able to plant my seeds not only because of the rains but because i was sick, and now still absent from work, although can already blog, haha! I hope to have vegies too!

  8. I'm very impressed with how lush your vegetables can turn out to be without the aid of chemicals.


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