Friday, 7 September 2012

More Birds

The list of birds visiting the feeder is growing.

We've had a King Parrot come for breakfast most mornings this week.

We haven't seen his partner yet. Maybe she's shy or maybe he's a single guy.

Some galahs have discovered us. They prefer to eat off the ground.

The lorikeets, pigeons and galahs get on well together.

In fact, sometimes it looks like they're having a party.

The cockatoo doesn't like sharing though.

We still have the heron hanging around waiting for an opportunity to go fishing.


  1. Wow, you make backyard birding look so easy! So many colorful visitors! Those beauties are pets here in the U.S., except for the occasional pet-parrot-gone-feral that we might see in a tree somewhere.

  2. gosh your bird feeding station sure is becoming the popular place to hang out.....

  3. Seems like a big old bird party to me....they're all such gorgeous birds.
    Missy is probably wondering when it will all end.....she may break up the party if it gets too loud. I can't see her calling the police, she would handle it herself.

  4. How wonderful you got to see a King Parrot. They are such stunning creatures. It sure looks like the word has spread that your garden is on the must-visit list for birds.

  5. They're all lovely but the King Parrot is such a handsome (and pretty) bird!


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