Monday, 3 September 2012

The word has spread

I'm not sure how, but the local birds have obviously spread the word that Missy's garden has free food. While we were working in the vegie garden on Saturday I noticed that there was a steady stream of visitors to the bird feeder.
If you'd like to know more about any of these birds, there is a great website called Birds in Backyards which can help identify most Australian birds plus has information about them and in some cases audio of the bird's song.

These guys are Apostle birds. They zoomed in like a gang of bikies revving their engines - loud and menacing  - and took over the area. John called them the Staffordshire Terriers of the bird world. They aren't very large, but they have lots of attitude. They stayed about ten minutes, chatting loudly with each other while they ate.
After their party the took off as a flock, the same way they arrived, and the more timid birds returned.

The Peewees were much quieter. They came and went throughout the day just having a quick snack.
We always have Peewees around the garden. They are a sweet little bird. They mainly eat insects and worms but must like a little bit of grain as well.

We moved the birdbath closer to the feeder so they could have a drink or a bath while they were here.
The Lorikeets are regular visitors now too. They're messy eaters and drop as much as they eat. This is why John decided to site the feeder in a grassed area. If any of the grain shoots he can mow it, rather than have to pull it out of our garden beds.
The crested pigeons are always in the garden as well. They have often got caught in the chicken coup while the're stealing the ladies' food. They seem to be able to find a small hole to get in but need the door wide open to get out.

For ages I have been trying to take photos of the honey eaters but they've always flown off as soon as I approach. Suddenly they don't seem to mind having their picture taken.

The Rosellas even came back but are quite shy compared to the other birds. This little fellow hung around for a while waiting for its turn, but the more boisterous birds didn't give it a chance.

The bird on the birdbath is a Blue Faced Honeyeater. We also get a lot of noisy miners. (Not to be confused with the introduced Common Myna) They eat nectar and insects and don't seem at all interested in the feeder, but they do love a bath. They often use our pool as a giant birdbath. By the time I line up the camera, though, all I photograph is a splash of water.  Hopefully I may be able to get some photos of them enjoying the birdbath - but that will be another day.

It was really a day for feathered visitors on Saturday. In another part of the garden we had a beautiful but not so welcome visitor.

A white faced heron was looking to see what it could find to eat.....and what do herons eat? Fish.
It actually got into our fish pond and knocked the pump over. We're not sure whether any fish were eaten. They are hard to count. It scared them though because aren't coming up to the surface looking for their food when we feed them now. Hopefully the water lilies will start to grow again soon with the weather warming up and the fish will have more places to hide and the fish will forget their traumatic experience.

and where was the overseer while all this was going on?


  1. what exotic birds....I miss you australia!

  2. The word is definitely out, and the birds are enjoying your hospitality.
    It's good that you were able to capture photos of all of those beautiful birds.
    I can assure you that our friend, who shall remain nameless, was more interested in catching up on her beauty sleep, than staking out any old birds that she could not reach.

  3. Aren't they beautiful! I love the honeyeater.

  4. HaHa Missy! You've got the right idea! Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Those honey eaters are very beautiful. Noticed that you said you have a pool. I want one but my DH does not. Will we be able to survive a Qld summer without one?

    1. Robin, you can survive without a pool, but it's nice to have one. If you have a neighbour with a pool and you're good friends that not bad either.

  5. I love that photo with a bid on each feeder and one of the birdbath too. That was a great idea putting the bird feeders in - they seem to give you lots of enjoyment. Thanks for the link to that site - it looks great.

  6. Oh, you have THE most beautiful birds I have ever seen, each photo was more stunning than the next! The only one common to both of our gardens was that heron, though our heron isn't that pretty. And herons are not my favorite birds since around here they are like a fish vacuum cleaner. Every year they come in and strip the pond of all the frogs and a great many of our fish.

    You could film a documentary with all of the birds visiting your feeders. Just fascinating!

  7. The more the merrier! They must have been such fun to watch, with lots going in and out to feed you could almost sit there all day watching them, very relaxing. Ok, maybe not the heron. It's a handsome bird but is an unwelcome visitor especially if you have a fish pond...

  8. Poor Missy. She is clearly exhausted by her responsibilities!

  9. Your birds look like the ones I see in the tropical atriums at zoos. :o) We have ground feeding birds here that gobble up whatever the messier birds knock from the feeders. I really love the blue and yellow bird. He looks like a little parakeet.

  10. Aww, you look adorable when you're sleeping, Missy. Y'all have the most awesome and beautiful birds! Even your pigeons look fancy. : )

  11. Your garden is a veritable paradise for the feathered friends. My sympathy for your traumatised fish and their near death experience. I really enjoy your posts.

  12. Hi Missy! Thought you might like to see some final photos from my Melbourne garden...they are on my blog if you are interested


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