Sunday, 23 September 2012

Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers

I love a parade.

Toowoomba is only an hour from here. I've been there many times but this was my first visit to their Carnival of Flowers. The carnival lasts for ten days with a food and wine festival, carnival rides and sideshow alley, free entertainment, a garden competition, garden tours and exhibitions from local garden clubs and artists, and more. This is their website.

We only went for one day and wanted to visit a number of gardens (I'll post about them later) but first I had to see the parade.

There were floats by many local businesses, charities and community groups.

and marching bands

and even dogs.

There were people on stilts

more floats 

 people in colourful costumes

and even dogs in costume

A number of the floats were promoting causes such as breast cancer and koala protection or highlighting the regions surrounding Toowoomba - most of which are farming communities.

The floats were dripping with flowers - real flowers mostly. It's no wonder Toowoomba calls itself the garden city.

and did I mention there were dogs?


  1. Hi Missy, that parade is very spectacular, and a lot of different things included not only flowers. I am sure everybody is excited because it doesn't happen often. Thanks for letting us see most of the joiners!

  2. Did you mention dogs, you got me. Looks like fun, shame it's too far away for me. Hope you had a good time.

  3. wow, that's seriously cool Missy, i'm so glad you went and took photos, i was meant to go along but had to go to Newcastle on a bussiness emergency, so thanks for the photos

  4. wow what a profusion of flowers! I look forward to the next updates....

  5. Wow, that looks seriously fun and cool!

  6. What a beautiful parade....those floats must have been hard work to create....truly beautiful to behold.
    Loved the costumed dogs too...hope they were disrobed after the parade, since it looks quite hot outside.
    We have stilt walkers here as well.

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