Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A working weekend

We've just had a long weekend - 3 days off. No holiday for us though. We stayed home and worked in the garden. In case you think we've been spending all our time out looking at other gardens lately, I thought I'd show you that we have been busy. The vegetable patch has it's winter crops removed and lots of new seedlings emerging.

Rocket, shallots, bok choy and lettuce

Some herbs, beetroot and baby squash not quite ready to plant out yet

In our garden, Spring isn't so much a time for showing off flowers, as it is preparing for Summer. We've been pruning, weeding and mulching. John has been shredding all the prunings to make mulch for the garden. I have been doing some mega-weeding. The weeds have been flourishing with this warm weather. We bought a couple more trailer loads of our favourite soil improver - mushroom compost and aged cow manure and dug it through the gardens.

Baby Golden Cane Palms

Dozens of little palm trees had self-seeded in the garden. I don't know if any will survive but I couldn't just throw them in the compost bin. I'm sure (if they do survive) we'll find someone who wants them.

 John has now removed most of the inflorescences from the palms. The birds won't be happy but they were making a real mess.
Some cuttings ready to plant out soon - mainly coleus

I've started removing pups from the bromeliads and repotting them.

A few op shop finds have been planted with succulents

Amongst all of this work in the garden there's been a patient to care for. Poor Missy hasn't been able to do much supervising for the last few days. She's been sick. After a visit to the vet, some medication and some TLC she seems to be on the mend now. She's started looking for her dinner again which is a good sign. It's strange not having the supervisor making sure I'm doing it right.


  1. Oh I hope Missy gets better soon... it was lovely having an extra holiday wasn't it?

  2. I would love to take those palms. Bit too much of a trip though.
    Glad to see your garden hasn't been neglected, hope Missy recovers well.

  3. When you get some decent stretch of time off, sometimes it's just nice to stay put and enjoy your own home and garden (and catch up with some chores too). Hope Missy feels better and fully recovers soon!

  4. Hi Missy,
    Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. I hope that the medicine from the vet makes you feel all better again.
    Please get well soon, because your Mum and Dad will create chaos in your garden without you to oversee their actions...they have already spent the weekend cleaning up (so they say) without you.
    You need to keep an eye on them....wishing you better.
    Lots of love,
    Brownie (Woof Woof!!)

  5. You look like you have been so busy and have done so much that I'm getting nervous about how much catching up I will have to do in the garden when I get home. However, I hear there has finally been some rain in Brissy, so that is something. Also, best wishes for a speedy recovery for Missy.

  6. It's awful when your pet gets sick, hope missy is better, ben hurt his foot, last weekend, and he was up for a few days of bed rest. Hope you have a better weekend this time around.

  7. The last time one of my dogs got sick, it cost a fortune. :( I hope Missy is up and about soon. I love that you're able to take cuttings and propagate new plants. It makes gardening more affordable but it keeps you busy.


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