Monday, 19 November 2012

A wet and wild weekend

The weekend started quietly enough. We'd put the chicken tractor next to the ladies pen, partly for convenience in looking after them and partly in the hope that they would get used to each other and it would make introducing the chickens to the rest of the flock smoother when the time comes.

 As you can see, the grass needed mowing. That was going to be John's job on Saturday while I weeded the veggie patch and did the laundry. We'd planned quite a boring weekend actually but were looking forward to it.

 The ladies are definitely interested in the new girls. Sometimes I catch them checking each other out through the wire.

The galahs have got so used to having us around they took no notice of me while I was wandering around with the camera. I suppose breakfast is more important than me.

The "Lots-a-lemons" tree is living up to its name. Our large Meyer Lemon has finished fruiting but this one is just beginning.

Fruit are starting to form on the rockmelon vine already - Yes! I love rockmelon.

Last weekend we did no gardening at all. We went looking at other people's gardens on Saturday and to a party for John's Mum's birthday on the Sunday.

Still pretty sprightly for 90 don't you think

 We'd only just started working in the garden and I'd hung a couple of loads of washing on the line when the dark clouds rolled in. By 10 am the first of a series of thunderstorms hit. Missy was very brave. She barked at the thunder telling it to be quiet and stayed close to me in case I needed her.

In between the storms the sun would come back up and we worked in the garden. We got quite a lot done considering the weather - lots of weeding and planting out new plants. The mowing will have to wait for another day though.

I am strictly a weekend warrior in the garden. During the week by the time I get home from work there's no time left for gardening. There's always more to do than time to do it in so I hate wasting good gardening time.
 Sunday was similar weather - a series of thunderstorms with sunny patches in between. All up 95mm (a bit over 3 1/2 inches) of rain fell and some hail for good measure. There was no real damage though. A couple of shrubs had broken branches and I've turned them into cuttings. Our tanks were almost empty and now they're full and over-flowing.

Speaking of over-flowing - we had to empty water out of the pool.

It's Monday morning and I need to be heading off to work soon. Of course, there's not a cloud in the sky and it's perfect weather for gardening. Oh well, there's always next weekend.


  1. Sometimes the best weekends are the 'boring' ones, they tend to be the most relaxing :) Weekend only gardening, I know the feeling at the moment but somehow still manage to be productive. Garden is looking lovely already btw :)

  2. Gosh we saw the storms you had down there - glad there was no damage. It does seem a waste to have a good gardening day during the week doesn't it?

  3. Now it's your turn to have the rains, i heard last few weeks there is fire in your South. I love those hedge of red amaryllis, ours is orange. And the galah, o i miss the galah, it is only found in Australia. I still remember the joke by my old scientist lab roommate at North Ryde then about the galah! And i will not be calling you Missy from now on!

  4. Hi Glad you had no damage ! The bad part of the storms went to the north and to the south of us. We got lots of lightning and thunder but only medium heavy rain and no hail! My mum turned 90 this year too and is still sprightly. Our house is nearly finished-expecting completion certificate any day now!Your rockmelon looks very impressive!

  5. We had much the same type of weekend planned, and even though the weather was good, we somehow failed to accomplish what we had set out to do which is a bit disheartening. Oh well, soon enough snow will be 3' thick on the ground, covering up all the evidence.

    Good idea introducing the new chickens to the established flock slowly. Soon they'll all be one big happy family. Oh, your garden is so beautiful, all the glorious color! Good job on Missy's part, barking to keep the bad storm at bay!

  6. You pulled me in with that sexy sounding title "wet and wild weekend."
    I'm still happy that you still managed to get some gardening done in between the stormy weather.
    Thank Goodness for Missy who barked the thunder away....YEAH Missy!!
    Soon the chickens can all be together like one big happy family.

  7. I love how the galahs feed contentedly with a sense of entitlement to the seeds provided. Considering your busy schedule, your garden is looking very fine indeed. Wow! celebrating 90 years of age is great achievement. Hope she has many happy returns.

  8. Best Wishes to the Birthday Girl!
    Is that a cycad I see? I wish mine looked as good.


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