Sunday, 25 November 2012

The great garlic harvest - NOT

Growing garlic is a real challenge for me. I don't have much success. The garden books say to plant it in Autumn (March/April) and harvest in September. Well, I forgot to plant in Autumn, then we had an incredibly wet early Winter so I didn't plant it until August. Some plants are forgiving and I've found in Queensland you can plant them "out of season" and still have success, but obviously garlic is not one of those plants.
They grew beautifully over Winter and into early Spring but as the weather warmed up they started to turn yellow. Then with the heavy rain last weekend they all died off and had to be harvested or they would have rotted in the ground.
The entire crop sits on a saucer. They need about 8 or 9 months to grow to a respectable size. Mine were only in the ground for 4 months. It doesn't help that the ladies had a scratch through the bed a couple of times. At least I learnt that chickens like garlic and that once it is dug up you can't just rebury the growing bulb. So I'll have to mark my calendar next year to plant garlic in March.

On a sweeter note. The garden is filled with the scent of frangipani.

 Now I could take the credit and tell you they are blooming so well because I remembered to give them a feed of potash. I do believe it makes a big difference - not only to the number of blooms but to the overall health of the tree if they receive a scattering of potash around their root zone as they come out of their dormancy.

But how can I explain this.

I took some cuttings a couple of months back and they've been lying on the ground waiting to be planted.


  1. I have never had much luck with garlic either I've got my fingers crossed this year though. I love frangipani - beautiful smelling flowers.

  2. Your garlic's not bad for planting at the wrong time! I planted at the right time, but the soil stayed too wet over winter (I think) and the bulbs got bigger but didn't multiply. I am just going to leave them in the ground and see if they re-sprout. I would love to grow enough to feed us and the chickens, its supposed to be really good for them :)

  3. I have never tried planting garlic, so I am still in awe at your bounty...small or not.
    I have just planted some ginger in the side garden, hopefully I'll have some by next year.
    Okay girl stop procrastinating with those frangipani cuttings and get them planted before month end.

  4. It still amazes me how many plants like garlic (not just us humans...). Even koi love garlic and adore food laced with them!

  5. I had a franzipani cutting that I have now moved for the fifth time and I was thinking it at last looked happy, but is it still not flowering - I guess I need to try some potash.... I just love the smell. Yours are beautiful.

  6. Hi Missy! Your frangipinis are gorgeous and your garlic very impressive! It is very exciting!-I now have a front garden (supplied in house /land package) ...and turf ! The plants they gave us are xanadu, variegated ginger/ tuckeroo (tree). I had never heard of any of them. But we have to wait until 11th December for settlement before we can move in!

    1. How exciting. You'll have to take lots of photos of how your new home develops. Those plants will all do well here. What a great start for your new garden.

  7. I am not surprised your fangipani cuttings are flowering as they have a lot of stored energy. Cut the flowers off so they do not drain it all before you get a chance to replant them. I am west of Brisbane and I plant my garlic in may and dig it in Oct- Nov. I will be posting about this next week.


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