Thursday, 31 January 2013

How the garden coped with the rain

Surveying the garden after the rain, there was bit of a mess but no real damage.......
There were even some nice surprises.

At least something good came of all the rain we've had. Our Stenocarpus sinuatus (Firewheel tree) is covered in blooms for the first time. It's a subtropical rainforest tree so native to this general area but obviously likes more water than we have been giving it. We don't water any of our trees in the rainforest area . They were chosen because they are indigenous to our region and so I believe they should be able to cope with whatever comes along. To look spectacular though, maybe they do need some help occasionally.

The flowers look like spokes of a wheel - hence its common name.

When we installed drainage near the back patio we covered the area with a "dry creek bed" of pebbles and stones. During the downpour it was far from dry but the drainage worked well and the water flowed away quickly. - decorative AND practical.

Getting rid of excess water was the priority.
Throughout last weekend we had to keep syphoning water out of the pool. If it over-flows it makes a terrible mess. With the volume of rain we had this was a frequent task for a couple of days.
 When the rain ceased the pool looked fine, but...
 we currently have a green pool.
With chemical balance of the pool altered with all the rainwater algae doesn't take long to grow. A trip to the pool shop will fix it easily.
The chickens haven't grown webbed feet quite yet but they probably wish they could. Their pen is soggy and there's no point letting them out because the rest of the yard is no better.
During the rain, the older ladies spent most of their time in the coup and the younger ones were outside in the rain. We thought maybe the young ones were just stupid, but when we went to check on them we discovered a crabby old chook standing guard to stop the younger girls entering. Chickens can be nasty to each other sometimes.
In general, though, the new girls are settling in well. They tend to stick together (safety in numbers) and the older chooks ignore them most of the time.
The poor sunflowers toppled over, but the passionfruit vine is loving the extra moisture.

 The corn fell over as well with the wind and rain.
We'll pick any ripe cobs then pull the rest out. The chickens may benefit from this bounty if there is enough.
The beehive gingers, in fact all of our gingers, love extra moisture.
You will note there are no dogs in any of these photos. Missy has decided that until the ground dries out she'll leave the exploring to us and only go outside for the bare essentials.
Smart dog.





  1. That's halarious how the "crabby old chook" wouldn't let the younger ones in!

  2. The rain hasn't visited us because it got stucked there with you. I am so sorry for the corn, they seem to be too immature to use! But the chicken i guess look sad because otherwise they will find a lot of things to peck outside. And that is a lot of red blooms!

  3. Smart Missy, and glad to know that you guys didn't have any real damage from the torrential rains and winds you had recently. At least some of the plants loved the extra moisture and looking gorgeous :)

  4. I had never heard of a firewheel tree the flowers.
    Happy to hear that the rain is now gone, and that your cleanup won't be too bad.
    It's always the older ones who give the younger ones a hard time, even at school. Hope the chicken coop dries out soon, so they can all be happy again.
    My beehive gingers are no way near flowering, so thanks for your photo.
    Missy the ever loving smart dog....Brownie says "hi".

  5. You are right Andrea. There were only o couple of usable cobs. Most we're immature. The chickens got most of them.

  6. this makes me miss place had a pool like this...some places you can just tell by a picture...we would both love to move there...sadly too far from our kids

  7. That Firewheel Tree is magnificent draped in those stunning red blooms. What a joy to see it in full bloom. It's a shame about your sunflowers and corn, but at least there wasn't really bad damage around your garden. The pool will recover quickly, and hopefully that crabby old chook will get out more so the younger girls can get back in the coup.

  8. Oh that firewheel tree is magnificent. Glad to hear that you were fine during the floods. Isn't it amazing how much rain the ground can soak up?. This has been a strange year weatherwise.

  9. Good to hear you escaped relatively unscathed. I love the look of the mondo grass edging near your pool gate. I have started to slowly do the same in my back yard - the most unruly corner of the garden. It gives it a bit of structure and the mondo isn't affected by being in the middle of the doggie's runway.


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