Monday, 7 January 2013

Loving Summer

Christmas came and went and we are now well into January. The time sped by so fast.  My grandsons have gone and three more grandchildren arrive today (for the next three weeks) so we will be kept busy I'm sure. No pet dragon from Santa and no more hours in the day I'm afraid.
Not that I'm complaining -
Summer is a wonderful time of the year.

The local birds are feasting in our palm trees.

Throughout the garden there are flowers everywhere.

Bright gawdy cheerful flowers.

Our experiment with the lettuce and shadecloth has been a success.

They do still bolt to seed faster than in the cooler months, but we have usable tasty leaves for salads.
No such problem with the Asian greens. There's been a bit of chicken damage though.

 The corn should be ready in a couple of weeks, hopefully while the grandchildren are here.

We had a bit of a disaster with some of the rockmelons. They were rotting before ripening. I tried lifting them up from the ground with pots but they still rotted.
Trusty Doctor Google helped save the day.
Lesson 1: Stop regular watering once they've set fruit.
Lesson 2: Chickens love rockmelon.

The figs are looking good. Maybe a small feast there soon as well.

I just love Summer.


  1. Those frangipanni look amazing - such deep colour! Lovely share, thanks for your efforts!

  2. I love summer too. I have lots of those rainbow lorikeets which visit my Umbrella tree and bite on the red flowers. Your frangipanis do look amazing indeed

  3. Everything is looking good in your garden.
    Happy that your lettuce experiment has been successful, and now you have tons of salad greens to enjoy.
    I google everything I need to know's very helpful. Hope you get some rock melons soon.
    Enjoy the visit with your grand kids...I'm sure they're looking forward to being there.
    Brownie wishes Missy all the patience in the world while they are there.

  4. Love seeing images of your summer! Can't wait for our turn :-)

  5. Wow your greens are all looking so healthy! It is amazing that you can grow so much even with the heatwaves you have been experiencing. Clearly it is the humidity that prevents us growing decent veggies during the wet season. My little fig tree has lots more leaves this year, but so far no fruit. I envy you eating fresh figs soon.

  6. You have me drooling over your veggies and fruit.

  7. I love everything there, but so sorry for the rotting melons. It happens to our squash too. And i love that green checkered fence, i wish we have it here in the country, but there's none.

  8. I love your franjipanis. I was looking at some at the nursery yesterday. Wondering whether or not I should buy one, I didn't though. Yours look so healthy and lush.

  9. I am not able to get the double petaled Allamanda from the nurseries here. They don't seem to stock them. So, Iwas looking at your a bit covetously ;) Your photo of the frangipani is pretty. I have the same variety but it's not blooming at the moment. Besides this there's lots of fungal growth bright (yellow spots) on the lower surface of the leaves.


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