Friday, 25 January 2013

Rain - Wonderful Rain

With all of our visitors now gone Missy and I are appreciating the serentity. It's been a hectic time over the past month. While I've been at work John has been enjoying being a Grandpa and entertaining the children, but it has left time for only the most essential gardening chores - namely watering our poor plants. The garden has been suffering terribly. Our temperatures have been consistently in the high 30s and even over 40 degrees C with no rain at all this month. Our tanks are almost empty.
Lately, I haven't had time to blog but haven't felt like it either. I couldn't bring myself to take photos of sunburnt foliage, limp leaves and parched plants. The only hint of green in our brown crunchy lawn has been the weeds that seem to thrive in harsh conditions. Mowing caused clouds of dust and merely chopped the seedheads off the weeds.
Anything in the veggie patch that wasn't killed by the heat have been attacked by bugs. The chickens don't mind though - that means they get some protein with their greens. They have felt the heat as well. Some days they were just standing around panting with their wings held out trying to keep cool and too lethargic even to scratch in the dust.
Did I say I loved Summer?

But then, last night it started to rain - a gentle soaking rain that will revive struggling plants, fill our tanks and bring our garden back to life again. The rain is predicted to continue for the next few days. Yay!!!

We have a three day weekend coming up and I had planned to spend most of my time in the garden. Depending on how heavy the rain comes down, those plans may need to change, but I don't mind. The rain will do more good for the garden than anything I could offer.


  1. Your garden looks lovely to me, I wish I could grow those lovely foliage plants here. It's just a bit too cold, and our property is too exposed. Rain you must be jumping for joy.

  2. I can very well relate with you with the feelings of dry season anticipating rain, and then it just arrived, how so relived. At least in your case the dry season is shorter than ours. Our soil even cracked and it takes a night of continuous downpour before the plants are satiated.

  3. We've been hearing about the heatwave there over here but glad to know that the rains have finally arrived there, a welcome relief indeed! Hopefully it will continue for awhile to fill up your reservoir tanks and revive the plants. Enjoy your three day weekend, rain or shine! :)

  4. Oh, I'm so happy for you that the rain has put in an appearance n your garden. Amazing how the plants respond to these heavenly raindrops when they are so parched and thirsty.
    We have not had any true rain for the past few days, and I have been watering all the new plantings in the re-landscaped area at night, because the days are just too HOTTT!
    Enjoy the rain my friend.

  5. I hope you are getting a welcome amount of rain and not an unwelcome amount. We had a thunderstorm tonight, a proper rainy one not one of those worrying dry lightning storms, and the garden certainly needed it.

  6. This sounds so familiar, we went through the same thing last summer here. The way the winter is going, it looks as if the drought may well prolong into this coming year, too, but I hope not. I know how you feel about the garden when it's all drying up and so very hot. I'm happy to hear you're finally getting refreshing rain. I love to sit on the porch and just take it all in, the smells and the sounds of rain are soothing.

  7. Hope you are faring okay. We are safe and dry here at Carina Heights. The rain was wonderful, but I think we have had enough now.

    1. Definitely. I never expected we'd have such a volume of rain. We do live in a land of extremes.


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